About Us

At Spate, we use data science to predict the next big consumer trend in food and beauty. For example, we spotted Turmeric before it was cool.

We’re two ex-Googlers with a passion for using data to spot new patterns in consumer behavior, and we have made it our mission to build the world’s greatest consumer trends prediction platform of all time. Not just because we want to be trendy, but because we want to help brands get better at giving consumers what they want. Brands waste over $200BN every year due to product launch failures and inventory waste. By spotting Turmeric, we were able to tell brands to stop wasting money on kale products and provide consumers with glorious golden milk lattes instead - because that’s what consumers want.

How do we do this? We tap into publicly available consumer data (anonymous and aggregated) to identify exciting shifts in consumer behavior. We leverage the latest available technology in ML to solve problems in ways that have never been explored before. Think of it as Data Science for Sociology.

Join us as we continue to challenge the way data uncovers and supports true consumer needs.

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