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Know What Your Consumers Want

Spate is your machine intelligence platform for identifying real consumer needs, wants, and intent based on billions of behavior signals.

We Organize the
Chaos of CPG

Whether you’re looking for high level or granular insights in the CPG space, Spate uses machine intelligence to identify patterns in the data points and highlight new behaviors and whitespace opportunities.

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 11.51.39
Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 11.51.39
Start with Spate

Innovation, marketing, and m&a teams are starting with Spate data to find strategic and tactical direction.


Pilot studies discovered that Spate provided similar behavioral insights 4x-5x faster than traditional studies. That can have a huge impact on your brand’s speed-to-market.


Identify new areas for opportunity. Brands are using Spate data to spot or validate new trends in behavior.


Spate identified that wigs were the top growth revenue opportunity in beauty. Yes, wigs. But according to Spate data, only one beauty brand is top of mind for consumers when it comes to wig-related products. Find out which brand it is and how they're tapping this new growth category.


Use trending consumer language to connect and engage with your audiences.


The Spate founding team identified trends such as turmeric and matcha before they were cool, and helped brands leverage their staying power. Since then, Spate has identified new trending ingredients, ie niacinamide, witch hazel, bakuchiol and ashwagandha—which brands are highlighting to capture demand through packaging, messaging, and content. Find out which ingredients, concerns, benefits and questions should be addressed in your comms.


Keep track of all the up and coming brands, according to the consumer.


Spate has identified thousands of brands that are top of mind for consumers. This data helps uncover latest branding trends, as well as new brands to keep an eye on.

Looking for new brands to acquire, partner with, or learn from? We got you.

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