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Navigating a brand page

This article provides details on the Spate brand page, how it works, and what type of trends we track for a given brand.


The Spate brand page lets you do the following:

  • See historical data and forecast brand performance

  • See products that consumers care about for a given brand

  • See the related searches associated with a given brand and its products

The Product Searches section explained


This section shows the products that consumers are searching for belonging to a given brand. Our data does exclude searches made by very few people. Trends only shows data for popular terms, so search terms with low volume may not appear on our dashboard.

The Related Searches section explained


This section show searches we have grouped together by related topics. For example, queries that modify or describe categories using the words aloe vera, witch hazel, or coconut oil will be bucketed into the related topic of "Ingredients". Similarly, searches that include the words top, best, how to would be bucketed under the topic of "Questions."

Frequently asked questions
  • What do the metrics Volume and YoY represent?

Volume is the monthly search volume averaged over the past 12 months (up until the last month).


YoY is the difference between the 12 months actual vs. 12 previous months actual growth rate.

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