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In our newly released France & America: A Hair & Makeup Trends Report, Spate dives into the key similarities and differences across French and American consumers within the hair and makeup categories. “Spate’s rich data analysis brings deeper insight to our understanding of these distinct markets,” explains Leila Rochet, French beauty expert and Chief Inspiration Officer of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation. “We are able to leverage Spate’s search analysis data to confirm our prospective vision. It also helps us to better understand nuanced cultural differences and consumer behaviours.”

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For the ultimate vintage glam look, consumers are seeking out bouncy, voluminous Hollywood waves.

The Spate Facts: Hollywood Waves

There are 12.6K searches on average every month in the US for Hollywood Waves, which is medium volume relative to other hair styles. This hair style has grown +116.5% in searches since last year with very low competition and three market leaders, including L'Oréal Professionnel.

The Spate POV

Channel your inner starlet and get ready for your closeup. Hollywood waves bring back the retro glam hair that would make Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe proud. Related searches include terms like wedding, how to, long hair, short hair, tutorial, and mousse. Searches for wedding, tutorial, long hair, and short hair indicate that consumers are looking to achieve this style on various hair lengths and for special events such as weddings. This reveals an opportunity for brands to create inspiring content and how-to videos for the modern bride and other red carpet-worthy events.

Searches for mousse reveal that consumers are looking for the perfect products to help them achieve the vintage look. Searches for hair mousse itself are up +21.8% YoY. This is a great opportunity for brands to feature this product in tutorials and digital content, alongside other tools and accessories needed to create the sophisticated big waves.



Nano brows see increased interest, indicating consumers are loving a shapely, natural-looking brow.

The Spate Facts: Body Glitter Spray

On average, there are 6.3K searches every month in the US for nano brows, which is relatively low volume for the brow and eye service category. It’s grown +84.8% in searches since last year with no competition or market leaders.

The Spate POV

Nano brows are a semi-permanent brow treatment that creates the look of extra volume, fills in sparse patches, and modifies the shape of the arches. Unlike microblading, nano brows are achieved with a machine using a very thin needle, which creates finer, hair-like strokes with less scabbing. Related searches include terms like: near me, microblading, vs, before, after, what is, difference, healing, and training.

Searches for terms such as before, after, microblading, vs, and difference reveal that there is room for consumer education on the comparisons and results between nano brows and microblading. This is a great opportunity for salons and aestheticians to create content around the difference between the brow techniques and for influencers to showcase their before and afters and experiences with each. The search for near me alongside nano brows reveals that consumers intend to move forward with nano brows and are searching for local services. Meanwhile, searches for healing show that consumers are trying to understand and prepare for the downtime needed after this service. This is a great opportunity for brands and salons to produce educational content around the service and suggest post-procedure skincare products that help speed up the healing process.



Consumers are seeking out base makeup to keep their skin looking flawless as well as protected from the sun.

The Spate Facts: SPF Foundation

There are 4.1K searches on average every month in the US for SPF foundation, which is low volume relative to other searches for sunscreen products. It’s grown +50.8% in searches since last year with high competition and 19 market leaders including: MAC Cosmetics, Bareminerals, Shiseido, L’Oreal Paris, and Armani Beauty.

The Spate POV

Foundation is the canvas for the rest of your makeup look and finding the perfect one ensures your skin looks flawless. With SPF foundation, consumers can ensure their skin is also protected. Related searches include terms like: SPF 15, SPF 50, SPF 40, powder, fluid, mineral, best, moisturizing, and radiant. The searches for different SPF levels reveal that consumers are looking for various levels of protection in their foundations. This is an opportunity for brands to offer a full spectrum of SPF levels in their products to address various consumer protection needs. Searches for powder, fluid, and mineral indicate that consumers are also looking for a variety of different formats so brands should take heed and consider a range of format options for their foundation product.

The search for moisturizing and radiant alongside SPF foundation reveals that consumers desire additional skincare benefits with their makeup. Brands should use this data to consider what other desired skincare benefits (and ingredients) they can incorporate into their foundation and other makeup products to help consumers achieve their desired glow and healthy flawless skin.


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