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Spate AI Generated Trends Report 2023.png

Spate Unveils the First-Ever Consumer Trends Generative AI Report, Covering 12 Categories.


What do rising trends such as the Golden Globes, river surfing, retirement planning, lime soda, data privacy, and Cinco de Mayo have in common? AI can tell you.

In an age where massive datasets have become increasingly challenging to manage and interpret, Spate is tapping into ChatGPT’s ability to seamlessly connect the dots. Spate, the leading AI trends forecasting platform in beauty and wellness, has harnessed ChatGPT’s potential to offer unparalleled insights into consumer behavior. Spate is excited to launch the first consumer trends report to leverage ChatGPT for analyzing billions of search signals across beauty, fashion, arts and entertainment, food and beverage, social issues, design, sports, tech, events, finance, home, and pets.

The goal of this report is to highlight the impact that Generative AI will have on the market research sector.  As described by Olivier Zimmer, CEO of Spate, “We are at the cusp of a new era where the convergence of technology and consumer insights is reshaping the way brands understand and connect with their audience. Spate is not just adapting to the changing landscape of market research—it's leading the charge. As brands seek to align with the rapidly shifting preferences of consumers, Spate will continue to explore and integrate AI advancements to ensure we are empowering our clients with deeper understandings of the consumer.”

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