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Spate The Life Cycle of a Trend Report

Embarking on an extensive data analysis of TikTok views and Google Search keywords, Spate challenges the common perception that TikTok trends are fleeting and unpredictable. Contrary to this belief, the findings reveal a stable and reciprocal relationship when examining trends over a three-year period across both platforms.

This report by Spate underscores the often underestimated stability of TikTok trends. These insights present an opportunity for brands to shift from short-term strategies to more sustainable, long-term goals.

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Download the Life Cycle of a Trend Report to Discover:

  • A three-year data comparison between Google Search and TikTok views, revealing the interplay between the two platforms.

  • Gain a more thorough understanding of trend life cycles.

  • Access data-validated trend predictions.

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