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Understanding Spate data

Where Spate data comes from

Spate data is based on what consumers are searching for, not what users are clicking through in the search results.

As such, our data:

  • does not take advertising into consideration

  • truly reflects organic search


The reason why we focus on search is that we believe it's where we can learn what people really think. It's at this top of the funnel where we can gain a strong understanding of the online consciousness — or what consumers really want, need, and desire.

How often is data refreshed


Our data can be pulled from as far back as three years prior up until the last full month before your search. As we continue to scale, we will be working to get our data refreshed as realtime as possible.

Data that is excluded
  • Searches made by very few people: Spate only shows data for popular terms, so search terms with low volume may not be appear on our dashboard.

  • Searches made outside the US: Spate currently covers data for the US. Stay tuned, we will keep expanding our coverage based on your feedback.

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