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In our latest report, Whitespace Opportunities in Skincare, Spate has identified rising trends across the skincare category that consumers are searching for but don't yet associate with a leading brand or product. The trends and possibilities are broad and varied, from benzoyl peroxide face wash to honey lip balm. Using this data, brands can better understand how to promote existing products and develop new ones to meet consumers' desires.

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A sultry, defined eye adds mystery and intrigue to any makeup look with a few flicks of eyeliner.

The Spate Facts: Siren Eyes

On average, there are 7.8K searches for siren eyes every month in the US, which is low volume relative to other eye look searches but has grown +649.4% since last year. There is no competition or market leaders associated with this trend.

The Spate POV

Achieved by creating a sharp, winged liner, the pièce de résistance of siren eyes is the flick of eyeliner on the inner eye corner as well. This method helps create the look of more elongated, almond-shaped eyes (almond eyes are currently up +5.4% YoY). This said, searches for siren eyes are still very broad, indicating that consumers are trying to learn more.

Consumers frequently search "siren eyes vs. doe eyes," revealing the contrast between these two looks. Doe eyes have been positioned as the less dramatic alternative to siren eyes, used to emphasize eyes' size. If you ask us, doe eyes are quite similar to puppy eyeliner (+8.3% YoY) that peaked back in October 2021. Brands should take note of the sustained rising interest in these and other liner looks (consider reverse cat eyes, which are up +243.0% YoY) and help consumers quickly and easily achieve them, whether through tutorials or new product innovation.



Cushion foundation is a popular product format that provides reliable coverage and an easy way to reapply on the go.

The Spate Facts: Cushion Foundation

There are 19.8K searches on average every month in the US for Cushion Foundation, which is medium volume in comparison to other foundation and base makeup searches. It has grown +45.3% in searches since last year with 18 market leaders and very high competition. Brand leaders include: Wet N Wild, YSL, and L’Oréal Paris.

The Spate POV

Cushion foundation refers to liquid foundation in a compact with a spongy layer on top (the "cushion") that controls the amount of product picked up when using a puff or another sponge to apply. Related searches alongside this product include best, Korean, swatch, shades, review, and refill.

Consumers frequently search best, swatch, shades, and review indicating they're looking for their perfect match. Searches for Korean alongside this trend speak to the origins of this popular product format, further emphasizing the influence of K Beauty on the US market. Refill searches indicate the cushion foundation consumer is interested in budget and earth-friendly restocks. Brands in the base makeup space should consider ways to incorporate this format in new product development or incorporate popular foundation benefits into their existing cushion foundations. For example, SPF and longwear searched alongside foundation are up 46.9% YoY and 35.8% YoY, respectively. What other needs can be supported by a cushion foundation that aren't yet being met?



Air dry cream provides light hold and frizz-reducing qualities for consumers who prefer a low-maintenance, no-heat look.

The Spate Facts: Air Dry Cream

On average, there are 2.5K searches every month for Air Dry Cream in the US. This is very low volume compared to other hair styling products and growing +42.7% since last year. Competition is high and there are 4 market leaders including: Redken, Monat, and OGX.

The Spate POV

With air dry cream, the function is all in the name. Consumers apply air dry cream to damp hair and allow it to air dry for hair that is low-maintenance and perfect for anyone on the go. Searches for curly, straight, and wavy hair alongside this product show that it can be used on multiple hair textures. In terms of benefits, consumers are searching locking, hydrating, and frizz control, showing their interest in a curl-defining, moisturizing, and smoothing experience. Frizz control searches across the hair category are up +23.3% YoY, indicating that this particular benefit is top of mind for consumers across varying product formats, from air dry cream to shampoo to hair serum.

Popular ingredients searched alongside air dry cream include coconut, green tea, and aloe vera. Brands considering developing an air dry cream should consider incorporating other popular hair ingredients like rosemary (+84.0% YoY) and pumpkin seed (+42.0% YoY). When it comes to wash-and-go hair styles, how can brands further support consumers needs? The possibilities are endless, from tools and accessories that pair well with air dry creams to options made for specific hair types (searches for 1c hair are up +23.6% YoY).


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