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Lamellar water is the buzzy new conditioning solution for damaged hair that consumers are searching for.


The Spate Facts: Lamellar Water

On average, there are 1.3K searches every month in the US for Lamellar Water, which is very low volume relative to other conditioner products. It’s grown +30.4% in searches since last year with low competition and L’Oreal Paris as the only market leader.

The Spate POV

Lamellar water is a water-based conditioning treatment that hydrates, adds shine, and repairs damaged strands. Consumers who suffer from hair damage or over-processed hair are especially interested in this product as indicated by the increase in searches for treatment and recovery alongside lamellar water. Searches for bleach are also up which reveals that consumers are also seeking out new ways to support color-treated hair.

As searches for hair oil (+1.2% YoY growth) and hair treatment (+1.5% YoY) start to slow down, brands should recognize lamellar water as an opportunity to remain relevant within the hair treatment category.



Consumers are searching for fun ways to add color to their face, and clear blush is the accessible (and fun) product doing just that.


The Spate Facts: Clear Blush

There are 850 searches on average every month in the US for Clear Blush, which is very low volume relative to other blush products. It has grown +175.7% in searches since last year with zero market leaders and zero competition.

The Spate POV

Clear blush is a type of blush that reacts with the pH of your skin and results in natural, dewy, blushing cheeks. As social media continues to drive purchasing decisions, products like clear blush, color-changing blush, and ph blush are appearing in searches as videos of people using these products are mesmerizing to watch and often go viral. There is a lot of opportunity here for brands entering the clear blush space to create viral content that is both interesting and educational.

The growth in blush product formats like liquid blush (+75.5% YoY), cream blush (+24.0% YoY), cheek stains (+53.3% YoY), blush sticks (+31.4% YoY) and others have confirmed that consumers are looking for different methods to add color to their face. Brands should use this data to be innovative when it comes to product formats in the color cosmetic space.



Searches for cream deodorant reveal consumers' desires to combat sweat without the harsh chemicals in antiperspirants.


The Spate Facts: Cream Deodorant

Every month there is an average of 3.2K searches for Cream Deodorant, which is very low volume relative to other searches for deodorant products. It has grown +60.5% in searches since last year with high competition and 8 market leaders including Arrid, Kiehls, and Tussy.

The Spate POV

Consumer interest in cream deodorant is on the rise, despite the fact that many versions from top brands — including Arrid’s Extra Dry Cream Deodorant and Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Antiperspirant & Deodorant — are either out of stock or discontinued. Searches for natural, and organic alongside cream deodorant indicate that consumers are searching for non-toxic products when it comes to this trend. The search for unscented, citrus, and fresh reveals the types of scents that consumers are looking for when it comes to deodorant — brands, put down the floral essence!

Searches for foot reveal that consumers are looking for deodorant and antiperspirants to control sweat beyond their armpits. There is a unique opportunity here for brands to create multiple products that target different parts of the body. Foot deodorant anyone?


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