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Hair oiling just got a rebrand with the growing interest in hair slugging.


The Spate Facts: Hair Slugging

On average, there are 5.1K searches every month in the US for Hair Slugging, which is low volume relative to other hair and scalp treatments. It’s grown +205.7% in searches since last year with no competition and no market leaders.

The Spate POV

While hair slugging may sound like a buzzy new hair technique, it’s essentially hair oiling repackaged for the TikTok audience. Similar to regular (read: facial) slugging, hair slugging involves applying a hair oil or mask to strands and putting your hair in a sock or bonnet before going to bed to retain moisture. Searches for what is alongside hair slugging indicate a desire for consumers to understand this trend and therefore an opportunity for brands to educate, and position their products as a solution for hair slugging.

Currently, hair oil is down -2.6% YoY showcasing a great opportunity for existing hair care brands to repackage their hair oils/masks as a hair slugging product whether that be through new packaging, product renaming, or educational social content.



Consumer interest in tanning gel — especially those that are clear and easy to apply — is growing.


The Spate Facts: Tanning Gel

There are 2.3K searches every month in the US for Tanning Gel, which is very low volume relative to other tanning products. It’s grown +132.2% in searches since last year with high competition and 2 market leaders: Carroten and B. Tan.

The Spate POV

Tanning gel is a great easy-to-apply product for both self-tanner veterans and those new to self-tanner. Searches for glowing, instant, and bronze reveal the main benefits that consumers are looking for when it comes to shopping for a tanning gel. The search for clear indicates that some consumers are looking for an initially clear tanning gel. Brands should keep this in mind when developing new tanning products as colored gels get a bad rap for staining towels and bed sheets.

Market leader B.Tan has gained virality on TikTok with hundreds of videos of consumers reviewing their clear tanning gel. Brands entering this space should follow suit and really focus on gifting products to both micro and macro influencers in exchange for product reviews.



Search interest for serum concealer indicates that consumers are continuing to shop for makeup products with skincare benefits.


The Spate Facts: Serum Concealer

On average, there are 1.6K searches every month in the US for Serum Concealer, which is very low volume relative to other searches for concealer products. It’s grown +133.5% in searches since last year with high competition and 5 market leaders that include NYX, Ilia, and Bobbi Brown.

The Spate POV

Consumers remain on the hunt for face makeup products with skincare benefits. Serum concealer helps camouflage dark under-eye circles, blemishes, and redness while treating the skin. Serums as a product format are top of mind for consumers (serum foundation is up +98.6% YoY and lip serum is up +12.4% YoY), and should be looked at carefully across categories. Searches for brightening, glowing, lifting, and youth reveal the benefits that consumers are searching for when it comes to serum concealer.

The search for shades alongside serum concealer supports the importance of a shade range for consumers. When formulating this product (as well as any base makeup product), brands should make sure to remain inclusive and offer a wide range of shades. There’s additional opportunity here for brands to advertise their shade range, and educate consumers on the shade choices available.


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