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The chart below represents a sample of the top eye makeup trends searched in the US. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Top Eye Makeup Trends

The Spate POV

One could argue, and we certainly will, that eye makeup is the most fun category in the beauty space. There's so much to play around with, and while you may opt for a subtle neutral eyeshadow look, there's always a thrilling new trend on the horizon that can transform your appearance. Take, for example, the current buzz around anime lashes and tubing mascaras, which have captured the attention of consumers.

Whether or not you were an anime kid growing up, anime lashes are instantly recognizable. They represent a style of bold, dramatic, and exaggerated false eyelashes inspired by anime characters. This may be a very low volume trend — indicating lack of broad consumer awareness —,but it has virtually no competition, presenting an opportunity for a brand to carve out a niche in the oversaturated beauty space. Additionally, cat eye lashes are experiencing a surge in popularity, with a YoY growth of +281.0% in searches. The growing interest in both anime lashes and cat eye lashes suggests that consumers are seeking false eyelashes that provide a very distinct and specific aesthetic.

On the other hand, tubing mascara is a high-volume trend — indicating significant consumer awareness — with an average of 23.4K monthly searches and significant competition from brands like Blinc, Tarte Cosmetics, and L'Oreal Paris. Consumer searches for drugstore, Ulta, and Sephora indicate a desire for a variety of shopping options when it comes to tubing mascara — consumers, they’re just like us. The search for primer alongside tubing mascara presents an opportunity for brands to offer two-in-one products or bundled packages.

Discover the other top growing eye makeup trends driving interest on search this week when you request access to our dashboard here.


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