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Discover the latest of TikTok's hair care trends, where groundbreaking methods and techniques are transforming hair care for every hair type. Whether it be trends like incorporating a conditioner-infused water bowl and steaming caps into your daily hair care regimen, TikTok is not short of creativity. Learn how you can take advantage of these TikTok trends when you download the Spate TikTok Hair Care Trends Report today.

TikTok Hair Care Trends Report 2023 - SPATE data



The chart below represents a sample of the top benefits searched alongside skincare in the US. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Top growing skincare benefits - SPATE data

The Spate POV

The skincare world is constantly evolving, with new trends and buzzwords popping up all the time. One day, everyone wants a glazed donut-like complexion, and the next day there's talk about achieving dolphin skin. And then there are those days when you simply have no idea what’s going on. Skin flooding? Skinimalism? Some twelve year old on Tik Tok did what? It's hard to keep up with all the trends, which is why relying on data is so important. So, what are people actually searching for when it comes to skincare? Currently, in the United States, the top growth benefits searched alongside skincare are protective and bronzing.

Protective is currently the top growing benefit alongside skincare experiencing a YoY growth of +101.9%. This growth aligns with the increasing concerns about the skin barrier, which has seen a YoY growth of +22.7%. Brands should capitalize on this trend by positioning their products as protective for the skin barrier, utilizing strategies such as SEO, packaging, and “today I’m going to share with you guys how this barrier repair cream changed my life” influencer content. With the rise in searches for pollution and sun damage in skincare, brands should take the opportunity to highlight a product as protective against common concerns, a la Drunk Elephant’s viral D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops — where were you during the great New York smoke haze of 2023? This anti-pollution product not only protects against smoky air, but also offers a bronze tint — searches for bronzing alongside skincare are up +62.4% YoY.

It's all about multifunctional skincare nowadays, as long as the promises made are realistic and achievable (no 12-in-1 skincare products please). Discover what other skincare benefits consumers are looking for on the Spate dashboard today.


At Spate, we're committed to bringing you accessible and actionable data and insights. Whether you're honing your communications strategy, social media copy, or building next year's R&D calendar, we have data that matters for you. Reach out to learn more.


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