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This interview covers some key takeaways and what these findings mean for brands according to JuE Wong, CEO of Olaplex.




The Spate platform analyzes billions of search signals to identify what consumers want. In our latest newsletter series, we’re interviewing top trending brands on what these signals mean to them. We’re excited to kick off the series with an exclusive interview with JuE Wong, CEO of top trending hair care brand Olaplex.

In the Spate Retailer Hair Trends Report, consumer search data indicates that Olaplex is among the top brands in demand across a variety of retailers — from Amazon, to Sephora and Ulta, to Walmart and Target.
This interview covers some key takeaways and what these findings mean for brands according to JuE Wong. Request access to the full report here.

Spate: Even in the age of DTC, it’s clear that retail presence is key for maintaining momentum with consumers. Do you have any advice for DTC brands trying to gain access to retailers?

JuE Wong: I would encourage DTC brands to form deep relationships initially with their 1-2 physical retailers of choice. By doing so, they will be able to leverage support and partnership opportunities to better reach a wider audience represented by that retailer.

Spate: You have been quoted on the whitespace opportunity surrounding the skinification of hair, and we’re noticing a rising interest in consumer searches on the topic. What do you think is next for this space?

JuE Wong: Skinification of Hair is just the beginning. The next phase would be consumers wanting to understand how skincare ingredients have the appropriate application for hair care. It is not enough to say because antioxidants are great for skin JuE Wong, CEO Olaplex

and therefore it translates to hair, you need

to prove that those ingredients work and deliver for hair care, as well. To do this independent clinicals need to verify and validate any and all claims. So search words like “proven”, “clinically proven” and “scientifically proven” may start creeping up in search.

Spate: Hair loss is a major concern for consumers since the pandemic. According to the retail-related hair care searches, more traditional hair loss brands such as Rogaine and Nizoral are top mind for consumers. Does Olaplex consider these brands as competitors?

JuE Wong: Competition is healthy for the hair care category because it helps raise awareness. What is important for Olaplex, is to stay authentic to our DNA of delivering patented, proven and potent performance at each and every application.

Spate: Was there anything in the report that surprised you? Were you surprised to see that consumers are searching for Olaplex alongside Target, even though your products are not available there?

JuE Wong: I have always said that when someone online is searching, they are seeking answers that they want to get to and hence to me, understanding and knowing what and why they are searching is the purest form of consumer research. Spate insights help us understand better the psyche of customers pertaining to their on-line journey.

Request access to the full report on consumer needs across retailers here.


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