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Retro is back as searches for swirl nails indicate consumers are looking for a more nostalgic nail aesthetic.

The Spate Facts: Swirl Nails

There are 13.3K searches on average every month in the US for Swirl Nails, which is medium volume relative to other nail design searches. It’s grown +370.6% in searches since last year with zero market leaders.

The Spate POV

The swirl nail trend harkens back to the groovy days of the 60s and 70s, with all its psychedelic twists and turns in retro glory. There is no wrong way to adopt this style, with each colorful wavy line uniquely gracing each nail. Related searches include terms like white, blue, pink, black, green, and marble — revealing that consumers are searching for swirl nails in a variety of colors. The color blue alongside nail products is up +22.2% YoY while white is up +26.7% YoY, showcasing the broader popularity of these two colors in particular. The search for marble indicates that consumers are looking to achieve a marbled aesthetic, but searches for marble nails are down -2.7% YoY, revealing a shift in the way consumers are searching for this nail look.

The uniqueness and customizable nature of the swirl nail trend lends itself to a blank canvas of different styles. There may be opportunities for brands to engage in celebrity and influencer collaborations to create truly one-of-a-kind or limited edition styles. They can also partner with artists to showcase unique creations and produce online tutorials and content to achieve the looks. Brands should also consider how the aesthetic of the swirl trend can extend beyond nails into makeup.



Searches for estrogen face cream indicate that consumers are looking to learn more about the benefits of estrogen and its skincare applications.

The Spate Facts: Estrogen Face Cream

On average, there are 2.1K searches every month in the US for Estrogen Face Cream, which is very low volume in search compared to other moisturizer products. It has grown +102.8% in searches since last year. There are no market leaders.

The Spate POV

Estrogen is an essential component of skin function, shown to improve skin elasticity, hydration, and thickness. Related searches include: best, over the counter, for face, for face hair, and what does — indicating that consumers currently do not know much about estrogen and its skincare applications, and they are looking to learn more. They’re also looking for non-prescription versions of this treatment, which reveals an opportunity for beauty brands to deliver lower dose options where possible (similar to non-prescription retinol products).

The lack of market leaders coupled with the low competitive space indicates a potentially lucrative opportunity for brands to become a market leader in the estrogen face cream market. Brands should also consider leveraging estrogen in other formats such as treatments, serums, lotions, and mists.



Searches for wedding makeup indicate that consumers are looking to achieve the perfect wedding makeup look. .

The Spate Facts: Wedding Makeup There are 113.0K searches on average every month in the US for Wedding Makeup, which has grown +44.5% in searches since last year. This is a very high search volume trend compared to other makeup looks. There are four market leaders: MAC Cosmetics, L’Oréal Paris, Bobbi Brown, and Kryolan.

The Spate POV The peak of wedding season is upon us, and with it, the quest for the perfect wedding makeup. Related searches include terms like: natural, near me, simple, ideas, price, soft, kit, and tutorial. Searches for terms such as natural, soft, and simple reveal that the modern bride is searching for a natural look that enhances their features. While terms such as near me and price indicate that consumers are searching for professional makeup artists. The search for kit, tutorial, and ideas reveals that consumers are also eager to learn about doing their own bridal makeup. This is a great opportunity to create bridal-specific products and collections that help make it easier and more accessible for consumers to achieve their own bridal looks.

Wedding makeup lends itself to a plethora of product opportunities in every makeup category from foundation and concealer to mascara and blush. Brands should consider ways to stand out with new innovations, events, and marketing activations to stand out from the competition. Often overlooked behind the traditional bridal spotlight are the grooms, so there may be a unique opportunity to cater to the grooms or highlight gender-neutral looks. Brands should also consider ways to expand customer loyalty by creating ways to become a staple in the makeup bag, beyond the big day.


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