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The growth of searches for zig zag headbands reveals the consumer's desire to achieve the nostalgic 90s / Y2K look with a simple hair accessory.

The Spate Facts: Zig Zag Headband

There are 3.4K searches on average every month in the US for Zig Zag Headband, which is low volume relative to other searches for hair accessories. It’s grown +163.0% in searches since last year with little competition and one market leader.

The Spate POV

Following the way of hair claws, the 90s/Y2K hair revival continues with zig zag headbands. These headbands feature many teeth that comb hair back, giving a sleek, smooth look. Related searches include terms like 90s, metal, plastic, comb, and Walmart. These searches reveal that consumers are interested in accessible options in a variety of different materials for this nostalgic hair accessory.

90s hairstyles as a category are up +19.9%, indicating a revived interest in this pre-2000s hair era. However, the search for headbands are down -20.7% overall so brands should take care to understand what about the zig zag headband is interesting to consumers compared to other headbands. The sleek look of the zig zag headband would also pair nicely with different styling products that help tame flyaways.