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Spate is thrilled to announce the launch of French data on the Spate dashboard this week. Through this launch, brands, marketers, and other beauty industry professionals are able to gain a global perspective to better understand their customers near and far. In honor of this exciting news, we've also launched our first ever French Skincare Trends Report that offers a comparative analysis of French and US consumers, and their skincare searches. Enjoy a sneak peek of French skincare trends below, and request access to the full report here.

In other news, this week we also launched our Color Complexion Trends Report, which explores the rise of the contour, blush, bronzer, and highlighter categories. From popular formats (ie, liquids and sticks) to innovative brands, request access to the full report to understand how your brand can join the wave.

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Trending Products

The top facial skincare products driving search volume growth in France are the trusted classics such as face serums, face toners, and cleansing balms. For example, serums are up +3.4K in average monthly searches, and the top brands in the face serum category are French: La Roche-Posay, Caudalie, and Guerlain.

In addition to classic products like serums, patches are a top trend in France as consumers search for under-eye patches to target dark circles and pimple patches to tackle pesky blemishes. In addition, searches for “spironolactone for acne” indicate that acne is a growing concern. This reveals a significant opportunity for brands to deliver blemish-fighting products in top formats such as face toners, cleansing balms, and face mists to the French market.

Trending Brands

Clarins is the brand driving the most significant search volume change in the French market, with a +7.4K increase in average monthly searches. It’s followed by other tried-and-tested (and also mostly French) brands, including Caudalie (+7.2K) and La Roche Posay (+3.7K), Cerave (+3.5K), and SVR (+3.2K).

Contrary to the US, where average monthly searches are declining, Clarins enjoys significant growth in France, increasing +33.3% YoY. The top Clarins product is the Double Serum, further illustrating the French consumer’s preference for the serum format.

Trending Ingredients

Scientific and plant-derived ingredients are driving the most significant positive change in ingredient search volume in France. The top searches include scientific actives like niacinamide (+2.4K avg monthly searches) and salicylic acid (+856 avg monthly searches). Meanwhile, a rising interest in plant-based alternatives is also emerging. For example, carrot oil is experiencing growth alongside skincare products (+7.7% YOY) as consumers in France seek it to help treat skin discoloration.

Request access to the full report here to gain a deeper understanding of the French skincare consumer and how they compare to the US.



With the launch of French data, Spate has incorporated the expertise of our French partners and clients to bring high quality data that will support your needs. Leila Rochet, French Beauty Expert and Chief Inspiration Officer of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation shares:

Understanding cultural specificities through country-specific data analysis is incredibly useful — particularly in the case of France and the US where cultural and historical differences are more marked. France has traditionally been a country where derma brands (pharmacy) dominate.

The French market is also very anchored in traditional usages and pharmacopea. However, other influences exist and are beginning to penetrate the market. Exciting new indie brands are fueling the interest in ingredient-first products, such as niacinamide, vitamin C, etc. We have been using the Spate US tool to support our Trends reports for two years now - it has become an invaluable asset as it allows us to enrich our research and observations with reliable, and insightful data. We are thrilled that

the company is extending into France and other countries, to bring a much clearer understanding of cultural trends and consumer shifts, on a global scale.

Leila Rochet, French Beauty Expert and Chief

Officer of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation Inspiration


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