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Searches for skunk stripe hair indicate consumers are trying to achieve the hair looks they saw on Tiktok.

The Spate Facts: Skunk Stripe Hair

There are 23.8K searches on average every month in the US for Skunk Stripe Hair, which has grown +791.5% in searches since last year. There are no market leaders.

The Spate POV

The Skunk Stripe Hair trend channels its animal namesake by juxtaposing two contrasting colors together on the hair, usually as stripes on either side of the face but sometimes as a top and underneath layer. This trend is also rising alongside trends like peekaboo hair (+36.6% YOY), which offer a similar dual-toned style. Related searches include terms like black, natural hair, TikTok, and red. Searches for black, red, and natural hair indicate that consumers are looking for skunk stripe hair in a variety of colors and for a variety of textures. Red hair in particular has been gaining popularity in the hair category, growing +6.5% YOY. Meanwhile, the colors black and red (alongside searches for hair dye) have seen +16.6% YOY growth and +10.9% YOY growth respectively.

Alongside the hair category, searches for TikTok have seen +12.2% YoY growth, indicating that consumers are searching for the looks they saw on the platform to try and achieve them. Brands should consider the continued beauty influence of TikTok in their digital marketing strategies to ensure they stay relevant and gain traction with their product innovations.



Searches for collagen serum indicate that consumers are looking to incorporate collagen in all aspects of their beauty routine.

The Spate Facts: Collagen Serum