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This week we hosted our first ever Try the Trend Event at the Allure Store in New York City. We loved the opportunity to connect with other beauty experts, share the latest in beauty trends, and of course, try out some of the hottest trends.

From hair tinsel (+131.0% YOY) to rhinestone makeup (+144.8% YOY), professional hair and makeup artists blinged out attendees while they snacked on charcuterie cones, mochi donuts, Renude Chagaccinos, and cookies from Funny Face Bakery. The first of many, Try the Trend was an amazing opportunity to connect with those who are as obsessed with beauty as we are.

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Slugging is the the perfect way to seal in moisture and active ingredients in consumers' skincare routines.

The Spate Facts: Slugging

There are 2.3K searches on average every month in the US for Slugging, which is very low volume relative to other searches for skincare products. It’s grown +78.0% in searches since last year with one market leader: Vaseline.

The Spate POV

Slugging is a skincare trend that refers to coating the face with occlusive products such as Vaseline as the last step in the skincare routine to prevent transepidermal water loss and keep moisture in the skin. Related searches are still quite broad and include “what is” and “face”, indicating that it is still a relatively new trend that consumers are interested in learning more about. Products often used in the slugging trend have also seen an increase in growth; Vaseline in particular is up +118.2% YoY as the lead brand alongside this trend.

The advantages of slugging are especially helpful for those with a damaged skin barrier and its growth may be driven by the increased searches for skin barrier (+35.3% YoY) and barrier repair (+65.4% YoY). The growth of these trends follows a previous wave of consumer interest in chemical peels, acids, and exfoliation during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, which may have compromised the skin barrier. Aside from Vaseline and petroleum jelly, there is opportunity for brands to showcase other products that can similarly be used to seal in moisture, such as rich oils or heavy creams. In addition, brands can also promote the treatment serums that deliver active ingredients into the skin before slugging locks them in.



Chocolate lipstick really speaks to the senses with a delicious name and a highly coveted (and nostalgic) color.

The Spate Facts: Chocolate Lipstick

On average, there are 1.9K searches every month in the US for Chocolate Lipstick, which is very low volume compared to other lipstick searches. This trend has grown +657.0% in searches since last year. There are six market leaders: L’Oréal Paris, Clinique, Revlon, Fashion Fair, Maybelline, and MAC Cosmetics.

The Spate POV

The 90s brown lip has resurfaced and rebranded itself as Chocolate Lipstick, which undoubtedly sounds much more delicious for our lips. Brown shades are alluring because they are universally flattering and work on every skin tone and undertones. Related searches include terms such as: swatch, review, cream, liquid, raspberry, cocoa, and pink. Searches for swatch and review indicate consumers are looking to learn more about the different chocolate shades available and which one works best for them. Popular colors accompanying chocolate brown tones include pink, cocoa, and raspberry, indicating the broad appeal of chocolate and other food-inspired shades.

As with other lip trends, consumers are also looking for a variety of different product formats as evidenced by the search for cream and liquid. Liquid lipstick in particular is up +65.3% YoY so brands should consider including that format in future lip innovations. Additionally, if there’s one thing that pairs nicely with chocolate lipstick, it’s the partner lip liner. After all, searches for brown alongside lip liner are up 69.5% YOY. Brands should ensure there is always a matching lip liner in the brown lip duo to make the perfect lip kit. Brands can also consider expanding the chocolate collection to include various shades of brown eyeshadows, bronzers, and contouring sticks to fully leverage the delectable appeal of chocolate.



Consumers are turning to skincare ingredients like glycolic acid to help knock out body odor.

The Spate Facts: Glycolic Acid Deodorant There are 1.2K searches on average every month in the US for Glycolic Acid Deodorant, which has grown +146.4% in searches since last year. This trend is very low volume relative to other deodorant trends. There is one market leader: The Ordinary.

The Spate POV Glycolic acid deodorant is the latest and greatest for body odor according to consumers. Top search queries like “glycolic acid as deodorant” and “glycolic acid toner as deodorant” indicate that consumers are using The

Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toner (a face product) as a deodorant, as the acidity makes the underarms an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria.

Glycolic acid has seen a +146.4% YoY growth under the deodorant category, which reflects the continued skinification of body care products. The low number of market leaders and the lack of a product specifically intended to be used as a glycolic acid deodorant indicates a market opportunity for brands to set themselves up as a market leader in this category. Aside from glycolic acid, what other skincare ingredients can be used in deodorants? And what other body care and personal care products can benefit from the use of glycolic acid and other skincare actives to further push the skinification movement?


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