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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Did you know that more than 100 top beauty brands are using the Spate dashboard to help make critical marketing and product development decisions? Book your free trial today.




At Spate's first ever Try the Trend Event, we were joined by beauty lovers from different professions across the industry. Professional hair and makeup artists applied hair tinsel and face gems as we snacked on charcuterie cones, mochi donuts, Renude Chagaccinos, kelp and seaweed chips, and cookies from Funny Face Bakery.

Want to hear what attendees had to say? Our partners at The Estée Lauder Companies and Hero Cosmetics share their thoughts.

"The kelp and seaweed snacks really caught me off guard - They were delicious! I also enjoyed talking to folks about what they felt about the trends and insights on the poster boards! For someone in data, that provided a lot of context and internal dialogue. Much appreciated!" - Raj Jaswal, The Estée Lauder Companies

"I loved that we were able to peruse Spate charts to see what's trending then actually try out some of the trends ourselves live. Everything felt so seamless and integrated!" - Kim Tai, Hero Cosmetics


THE ALLURE STORE: A NOTE OF GRATITUDE A huge thank you to the Allure Store for hosting the first Spate Try The Trend event! The Allure Store, which just welcomed Ulta Beauty to its Summer Lineup, has been home to 500 of the top beauty events in NYC since its launch last July. We loved hosting our event at the Allure Store, and highly recommend it for your brands, too! The Allure Store is currently sold out for summer but if you’d like to register your brand for Holiday ‘22 or learn more — you can grab a time to chat with their team here or email If you’re in NYC July 14th, stop by their 1-Year Anniversary block party and mention Spate at the door for a gift bag.




June data is in, and despite continued news of an upcoming recession, beauty consumers remain enthusiastic in their searches. Additionally, a broad range of growth areas across multiple categories bode well for beauty. Request your free trial today to explore all of this and more.

  • Using the latest June data, the Monthly Beauty Tracker reveals how beauty is shifting on a macro level across the hair, skincare, makeup, and fragrance categories.

  • The recently updated Seasonality Tracker explore trends with strong (and weak) seasonality to help brands understand how to best serve consumers during specific months and year round.

Request a free trial today to explore all of this data, and understand where and how it can be applied to your strategies entering the summer months.



After a year of success for gua sha, consumers are now searching for a way to get the same benefits on their body.

The Spate Facts: Body Gua Sha

There are 4.2Ksearches on average every month in the US for Body Gua Sha, which is a very low volume relative to other massage services. It has grown +61.8% in searches since last year with no competition and no market leaders.

The Spate POV

Gua sha has seen promising growth in the past two years, with average searches around 592.0K a month. Originally popularized as a tool for facial massage, the gua sha trend is now extending to the body. Related searches include terms like tool, before/after, massage, how to use, benefit, stone, sculpting, and best. Searches for before and after as well as benefit reveal that consumers are curious about the discernible transformation that happens with a body gua sha. The search for sculpting reveals that consumers are looking for body gua sha to help them sculpt their bodies.

Oils are often used alongside gua sha tools to help the stones glide across the skin during the massage while also softening skin. Searches for “gua sha oil” are up +25.6% YoY and body oil currently receives 316.2K average monthly google searches with high competition. However, there is no market leader for a body specific gua sha oil so this could be a great opportunity for a brand to own this space.



Rising interest in stippling brushes reveals a shift in the way consumers are applying their makeup.

The Spate Facts: Stippling Brush

On average, there are 4.9K searches every month in the US for Stippling Brush, which is relatively low volume for the makeup brush category. It’s grown +275.2% in searches since last year with high competition and six market leaders: Real Techniques, Smashbox, MAC Cosmetics, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and Sephora.

The Spate POV

The stippling brush consists of two layers of bristles: a longer layer that helps pick up and deposit the product onto skin in little dot formations and a denser bottom layer that blends the product in. Stippling brushes allow for buildable full coverage with an airbrushed finish. Related searches include terms like: best, how to use, review, Superdrug, blush, foundation, what is, liquid, used for, cheap, face, and Sephora.

The search for liquid formats as well as blush and foundation products reveal that consumers are looking to use the stippling brush alongside a wide range of products, indicating the broad appeal of this product to a variety of different consumers. Meanwhile, searches for how to use, and used for reveal that consumers are seeking ways to educate themselves on this trend. Given the variety of applications for this brush, brands should strategize ways they can create relevant educational content and tutorials that help consumers use this trend in their makeup routines. Which products go best with the stippling brush, what is the difference between this brush and other brushes, and how do the different brush sizes work with various products?



Ponytail facelifts are one of the latest procedures to gain consumer attention, beloved for their minimal invasiveness and lifting capabilities.

The Spate Facts: Ponytail Facelifts There are 4.4K searches on average every month in the US for Ponytail Facelift, which is low volume relative to other searches for face services. It’s grown +65.0% in searches since last year with no market leaders.

The Spate POV Ponytail lifts are a “minimally-invasive face lift performed through small incisions in order to mimic the look of the face when the hair is pulled in a tight, high ponytail,” according to board-certified plastic surgeon Carolyn Chang, MD. Related searches include terms like cost, after, before, what is, near me, how much, and review. Searches for cost, how much, near me, and review indicate that consumers are increasingly curious and looking for more details behind this procedure that can help influence their decision making.

Searches for face lift are only up +4.8% in searches this year compared to last year, revealing a shift in the consumer desire for a seemingly more subtle, less invasive alternative to traditional plastic surgery. Meanwhile, face lift tape is up +31.8% YoY, indicating that consumers still desire a more lifted look but may not go as far as pursuing a medical procedure. Brands should use this information to create cosmetic products and techniques that provide a more lifted look without going under the knife. Or perhaps as the trend suggests, help consumers channel their inner Ariana Grande to help achieve this look through the power of an amazing, tight updo.


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