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Hair health is the key to achieving the gorgeous and glossy glass hair trend.

The Spate Facts: Glass Hair

On average there are 5.6k searches in the US each month for glass hair, which is a very low volume relative to other searches for hair styles. It has grown +16.2% in searches since last year, and the two market leaders are L’ange and Garnier.

The Spate POV

The Korean glass skin trend dazzled us in the past, and it continues to grow with +11.3% YoY growth. It’s no surprise that consumers now want the same look for their heads – enter glass hair.

Hair health is key to the glass hair trend. Also, length needs to be supported and nourished to thrive. Related searches include water, how to, treatment, best, and dupe. Searches for best and how to suggest that consumers are keen to find out how to achieve this look at home and want to know which products will give them the best results. Brands can use this insight to create online tutorials sharing insider tips, tricks, and must-haves that will give them a perfectly polished look.

Searches for treatment also indicate that consumers are looking for specific treatments, possibly in professional salons, and searches for water consumers are looking for a lightweight, liquid format to achieve this look. Searches for dupe suggest that affordability is important – consumers want their luxurious glass hair to come at an accessible price. Brands should take note of the skincare-to-hair benefit pipeline. Consider what other skin-related benefits could appeal to consumers alongside shampoos, conditioners, masks, and more.



Rising interest in corner lip lifts indicates that consumers are seeking a new procedure to achieve their desired look.