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Quick and easy tanning products give consumers a sun-kissed finish without the mess.

The Spate Facts: Tanning Wipes

There are an average of 3.7K searches every month in the US for Tanning Wipes. This is low volume relative to other suncare and tanning products, and there has been +22.5% growth in searches since last year. At present, there is medium competition, with two market leaders: L’Oreal and Kate Somerville.

The Spate POV

The tell-tale orange patches of badly applied fake tan can be a thing of the past thanks to tanning wipes. While traditional tanning products can be tricky or time-consuming to apply, these single-use sheets lack a learning curve.

Related searches for how and tips reveal that even if they’re comfortable using tanning wipes at home, consumers want to know how to get the most out of their application. They’re also searching best and review, so brands with tanning wipes should compile testimonials reminding (and perhaps even showing) consumers why their wipes are best.

With medium competition levels, there is still opportunity for other brands to swoop in on this trend. However, broad distribution will be essential to success as consumers are looking to buy from multiple retailers including QVC, Boots, Ulta, Sephora, and CVS.

Searches for niacinamide and hyaluronic acid are up +66.6% YoY and +32.1% alongside body care, respectively. Brands looking to play in the space can combine popular skincare ingredients with tanning wipes for increased appeal.



Consumers are looking for cool toned bronzers that flatter their features and add definition.

The Spate Facts: Cool Toned Bronzer

On average there are 1.4K searches for Cool Toned Bronzer every month in the US. This is very low volume relative to other face makeup searches, although interest is rising with +72.1% growth in searches since last year. There are no market leaders, meaning there is little competition.

The Spate POV </