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Suction cups can improve circulation and rejuvenate the skin.

The Spate Facts: Facial Cupping

On average there are 10.3K searches every month in the US for Facial Cupping. This is medium volume relative to other skincare services although there has been +30.3% growth in searches since last year. There are two market leaders, Grace and Stella, and Nurse Jamie Beauty.

The Spate POV

Cupping is a traditional healing practice originating in both Chinese and Egyptian cultures. Originally done on an individual's back to improve circulation and relieve tension, it's now been adapted for facial use with smaller rubber cups. Today, consumers are searching for facial cupping to help especially with scars and wrinkles.

When it comes to facial cupping, consumers are also searching near me, which indicates they are looking for professional clinics or salons that offer facial cupping. Searches for set and kit show they are interested in learning to do their own facial cupping. Consider showing consumers how to use your products with facial cupping at home to achieve optimal results. For example, could cupping oil be the next gua sha oil (+19.0% YoY)?

The rise of acupuncture alongside skincare, with +17.1% YoY growth, shows that other traditional therapies appeal to modern consumers in skincare. Brands should also consider ways other services, once associated with the body, can be scaled down to benefit the face or vice versa.



Uniquely shaped lipsticks add intrigue and convenience to any makeup routine.