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In the latest Top Rising Ingredients Report, we dive into trending ingredients across the skin, hair, and body care categories. With consumers often educating themselves, it remains essential for brands to remind them that formulation, expert knowledge, and ingredient pairings matter. Use this data to join the conversation where it matters most.

Want ingredient data for the wellness category as well? There's a report for that. In August, we launched our Wellness: Supplement & Ingestible Trends Report that focuses on this continually growing category.

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More protein isn't always a good thing, as consumers are increasingly searching protein free shampoo.

The Spate Facts: Protein Free Shampoo

On average there are 1.9K searches every month in the US for Protein Free Shampoo. This is low volume relative to other shampoo searches although there has been a +44.8% growth in searches since last year. Currently, there is one market leader, Shea Moisture.

The Spate POV

Protein free shampoo is on the rise — which is great news for those who have protein sensitivities or are allergic to protein. Protein free shampoo is also an excellent choice for anyone looking to restore moisture and elasticity to dry and brittle hair.

Consumers with curly hair are searching for protein free shampoo, as it can help curls retain their shape, strength, and structure (searches for curly hair are up +4.7% YoY). Searches for brand and drugstore indicate consumers don’t want to drop a lot of money or time on a product they may be trying out for the first time.

Brands should continue to explore the impact of protein on hair and skin, and consider innovating on other protein free products.



Searches for nail growth serum reveal consumers are searching for a product that can help them quickly improve their natural nails.

The Spate Facts: Nail Growth Serum

There are 2.7K searches on average every month in the US, which is a relatively medium volume in comparison to other nail products. It has grown +37.7% growth in searches since last year with one market leader; Sally Hansen.

The Spate POV

There’s nothing more powerful than saying “and these are my real nails!” when someone offers you a nail-design related compliment. Sadly, few of us are able to say such a thing, hence the reliance on nail growth serums. Nail growth serums are designed to support fast natural nail growth and strengthen nails so that they're less prone to breakage and splitting.

Related searches alongside this product include best, diy, review, does work, homemade, after, and before. Searches for best and review indicate consumers are relying on the Internet to help inform them of which nail growth serum to buy. And searches for does work, after, and before indicate consumers are wary or curious to know about the efficacy of nail growth serum and whether it is an effective product or simply another gimmick.

The search for diy and homemade indicates that consumers are also looking to try to make their own nail growth serum at home instead of buying a nail growth serum. Brands who want to expand their product line to nail growth serums may have to emphasize the effectiveness and unique value proposition of their nail growth serum as consumers may not want to buy a product that produces similar results to something they can make at home.



Rising interest in monolid eyeliner reveals consumers are searching for beauty products that are specific to their eyelid shape.

The Spate Facts: Monolid Eyeliner

There are 2.5K searches on average every month in the US for Monolid Eyeliner, which is a very low volume relative to other searches for makeup looks. It has experienced a +79.0% growth in searches since last year. There are 0 market leaders in the space.

The Spate POV

Long gone are the days of ignoring one's face shape or eyelid shape when applying makeup. It’s evident that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all as searches continue to grow for Monolid + Makeup (+16.0% YoY), Hooded Eyes + Makeup (+ 7.4% YoY), and Downturned Eyes + Makeup (+12.2% YoY).

Consumers are looking to the Internet to teach them how to best apply eyeliner on eyes with monolids and the data supports it — there is a rise in searches for how, how to, tutorial, and how to apply. This reveals an exciting opportunity for brands to feature this product in how-to tutorial videos and educational content, alongside other tools and products needed to recreate monolid beauty looks.


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