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Growing interest in face tightening reveals that consumers are looking to tighten up through the use of skin products and/or procedures.

The Spate Facts: Face Tightening

There are 23.8K searches on average every month in the US for Face Tightening, which is medium volume relative to other face services. It’s grown almost +19.9% in searches since last year with 1 market leader, Strivectin.

The Spate POV

Aging, while a privilege, can be difficult both mentally and physically. Your skin begins to mature, meaning that it may not be as tight as it once was. When it comes to achieving this effect, consumers are open to any cream, serum, face mask, or mask as long as it tightens the skin. Look to popular ingredients searched alongside skincare like copper peptides (+109.6% YoY), polypeptides (27.1% YoY), and alpha lipoic acid (+6.8% YoY) to entice consumers with ingredients they know and are searching to achieve an effect they want.

Searches for treatment, laser, procedure, and massage indicate consumers are not just looking for products to tighten their skin/face but are also searching for face tightening treatments or procedures. The growth in popularity of this trend suggests that consumers are willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto a snatched look. However, it’s important for brands to remember to tackle this gracefully as there has been a lot of controversy around the term anti-aging over the past couple of years. How can your brand stand apart and innovate without villainizing wrinkles or sagging for those that don’t mind them?



As consumers look for ways to perfect a soft glam makeup look — sheer foundation is experiencing a boost in search interest.

The Spate Facts: Sheer Foundation

On average there are 2.7K searches every month for Sheer Foundation in the US, which is a very low volume in search compared to other face makeup searches. It has grown +83.2% in searches since last year. Currently, there are two market leaders: NARS and Neutrogena.

The Spate POV

According to the data, sheer foundation is on trend which may have to do with the rise of no-makeup makeup or soft glam makeup (+86.3% YoY). For those unfamiliar, sheer foundation is a light coverage foundation that offers a blurring finish to conceal minor imperfections.

It makes sense that related searches include terms like coverage, matte, luminous, spf, powder, and weightless. Consumers want a foundation that does a host of things. Brands looking to add a sheer base product to their line should remember this, and create formulas with added benefits such as sun protection and clinical ingredients.

Interestingly enough, searches for Sephora alongside sheer foundation have gone up which reveals that consumers are partial to foundation shopping at this retailer; brands already stocked in Sephora should take note of this rising product trend alongside the retailer to position themselves as the perfect sheer foundation available at Sephora.



Loose perms have been trending for the past year, and search behavior shows that no brand is owning this trend yet.

The Spate Facts: Loose Perm

There are 56.1K searches on average every month in the US for Loose Perm, which is a high volume relative to other hair looks. It has grown +17.5% in searches since last year with zero market leaders.

The Spate POV

Popularized in the '70s and '80s, perms have seen many forms over the years. The latest comeback is a loose perm, otherwise known as the perfect beach waves you’ve been yearning for your entire life. And if you’re suddenly inspired to look up an image to see whether or not a loose perm would suit you... you’re not alone. Searches for before, after, and pictures are up which shows that consumers are searching for before and after results and pictures of loose perms to help them decide whether or not they should get a loose perm.

Both men and women are interested in loose perms, with a significant number of searches for men (10.2K). Consider how this impacts marketing and positioning of loose perm products and services.

There's also a great opportunity for brands to create an at-home perm kit as searches for how to, kit, at home, and diy are up. Consumers are searching for how to do a loose perm at home versus getting one done at a salon, as news of economic recession persists. This begs the question: what are some other hair services that consumers may want to do at home to avoid paying salon prices?


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