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SHIMMY SHIMMY Tanning season may be over, but consumers are looking for new ways to glow into the winter and beyond with this trend.

The Spate Facts: Body Highlighter

On average, there are 690 searches every month in the US for Body Highlighter, which is very low volume relative to other body care products. It’s grown +32.4% in searches since last year with low competition and 3 market leaders; Huda Beauty, Colourpop, and Frank Body.

The Spate POV

Sometimes the only way to shine bright like a diamond is to pack on the body highlighter. Body highlighter is the perfect way to remain glowing during the cold winter months when skin often loses its color and vibrancy. Unless, of course, you’re one of the lucky few who escape to an exotic island during the holidays.

As highlighter products in makeup are also up +20.0% YoY, consider ways to bring popular formats (ie, liquids or sticks) to body highlighters. Additionally, searches for body glitter spray (+225.7%), body shimmer oil (+31.7% YoY), and shimmer body lotion (+24.9% YoY) are up, revealing consistency in the consumers desire for glowing skin beyond their face.



Morpheus8 is a hot in-office treatment with a variety of perks from increased collagen production to tighter skin.

The Spate Facts: Morpheus 8

There are 72.4K searches on average every month in the US for Morpheus8, high volume relative to other face services. It’s grown +78.5% in searches since last year.

The Spate POV

Morpheus8 is the brand name for an aesthetic skin treatment that combines radiofrequency and microneedling to tighten the skin and help with overall texture. The results last for approximately a year, making it an enticing option for those that want a relatively long term solution. Top related concerns are: acne scars and tightening.

Consumers are also searching jowls, neck, and stomach which shows that they are looking to use this service beyond their face. Brands should use this data to understand which concerns are top of mind for consumers, and show the same consumers how similar concerns can be treated with at-home products.



Consumers are looking for more makeup options for mature skin.

The Spate Facts: Mature Skin Makeup

On average, there are 4.9K searches every month in the US for Mature Skin Makeup. This is low volume relative to other searches for general makeup looks. It’s experienced a +30.9% growth in searches since last year with very low competition and L’Oréal as the only market leader.

The Spate POV

Older consumers are looking for makeup products that work well with their mature skin. Keep in mind, this is different from searches for products that seek to treat aging skin. Searches for best alongside mature skin makeup reveal that these consumers have yet to find a go-to brand for their mature skin makeup concerns — white space alert! Did we also mention that this trend is very low competition? Oh yes, we did.

Oftentimes makeup brands leave the Gen-X demographic out when formulating and/or marketing (via kitschy social posts or TikToks), which is a missed opportunity as older consumers generally have more disposable income to spend on beauty products. However, the search for drugstore alongside mature skin makeup reveals that consumers still want products that are accessible and within a reasonable price point.


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