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Our latest predictive Holiday Trends Report shares the trends that will be big this coming December. With holiday prep already started for many brands, make sure you are ready for the fast-paced, beauty-filled — and let's face it, super competitive — months ahead.

This year, consumers will prioritize functional products with aesthetic appeal — shimmer body lotion, for example — and glam embellishments like nail gems and silver eyeliner, among others.

Request your free trial to deep dive into hair, skincare, makeup, nails, fragrance, and body care trends (phew, that's a mouth full!) making a splash this holiday season.



The Y2K aesthetic took over your wardrobe, and now it's coming for your makeup bag.

The Spate Facts: Y2K Makeup

On average, there are 2.9K searches every month in the US for Y2K Makeup, which is very low volume relative to other makeup looks. It’s grown +70.0% in searches since last year with 0 market leaders.

The Spate POV

There should be a trigger warning for the Y2K aesthetic resurgence. Are those Juicy sweatpants on the street? Should we not have sold our Dooney & Bourke bags? How soon is too soon for something to be considered “vintage”?

Much of what was a part of the cultural zeitgeist in the early aughts has made a comeback, and a significant component of the Y2K aesthetic is makeup. Even now, the Y2K aesthetic continues to grow with a +45.2% predicted growth rate over the next 12 months.

Rising trends like frosted pink lipstick (+18.1% YoY), glitter eyeshadow (+22.4% YoY), and thin eyebrows (+20.2% YoY) help consumers achieve the Y2K makeup look of their dreams. Beauty brands can capitalize on this growth by creating content around this aesthetic using similar products. However, these brands need to consult with the zillennials on their team, as it’s easy for legacy brands to venture into “cheugy” territory.



That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of volumizing mousse.

The Spate Facts: Volumizing Mousse

There are 4.7K searches on average every month in the US for Volumizing Mousse, which is a low volume relative to other hair product searches. It has grown +38.7% in searches since last year with 1 market leader, Redken.

The Spate POV

The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven… or something like that. Consumers are looking to add volume to their hair, and they are turning to volumizing mousse to make it happen. Related searches include best, curly hair, fine hair, plumping, short hair, drugstore, and weightless.

The broad appeal of volumizing mousse is evident in related searches such as curly hair, fine hair, and short hair — showing that consumers are looking for a volumizing mousse that works for their hair types. Searches for drugstore reveal that consumers may be price sensitive, so mousse affordability is key.

Searches for plumping and weightless demonstrate the desire for a variety of benefits. When formulating products, brands should prioritize volumizing ingredients that are undetectable after they’ve been applied, leaving nothing behind but volumized tresses.



Another Korean beauty trend has successfully made its way over to the US.

The Spate Facts: Dewy Skin

On average there are 8.4K searches every month for Dewy Skin in the US, which is a low volume in search relative to other skincare searches. It has grown by +41.9% in searches since last year. Currently, Tatcha is the market leader.

The Spate POV

Dewy skin initially found its way into popular conversation through K Beauty and the original Glossier Girl look as consumers transitioned away from the matte complexions of the early aughts. Only a few years later, and it's back. Dewy skin has a bouncy quality and a shiny, dew-like finish making it the perfect canvas for a full beat or no makeup at all.

Searches for mist, cream, products [for dewy skin], and foundation indicate consumers are searching for multiple formats to help them achieve the dewy skin look, and the products they are looking for are not just confined to skincare products; they are also looking for makeup products like foundation. Celebrity makeup artist, Nam Vo, was made famous for her covetable, "dewy dumpling" glow, showing the possibilities available for dewy skin across makeup.

Searches for dry skin, oily skin, and mature skin showcase consumers are looking for the best products to achieve the dewy skin look for their specific skin type. Brands should get innovative, and consider which rising ingredients and formats can come together to create the ultimate dewy skin product.


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