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We're thrilled to announce our partnership with BrainTrust Founders Studio, the largest platform dedicated to Black founders of beauty and wellness companies, to make big data solutions more accessible to Black founders of beauty and wellness companies.

“With Black consumers out-performing the average American in usage of social media usage and in endorsements of favorite brands, BrainTrust Founders Studio embraces the power of machine learning to listen to and engage with customers,” says Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Founder and CEO.

"As we celebrate one year of providing an ecosystem toward winning by Black founders in beauty and wellness, we’re excited to join forces with Spate, whose platform can accelerate the speed with which our founders tap their own data to grow their customer base. This partnership is yet another step toward providing inclusive economic pathways and equitable opportunities for founders.”

We're honored to support these brands, and look forward to watching their continued growth. Login to CEW to read the full article.



Consumers are seeking the strengthening benefits of BIAB nails to reduce and prevent nail damage.

The Spate Facts: Biab Nails

On average, there are 3.7K searches every month in the US for BIAB Nails, which is low volume relative to other nail art. It’s grown +514.6% in searches since last year with no market leaders and no competition.

The Spate POV

There’s no need to panic about how you’re “falling behind on trends” if you haven’t heard of BIAB Nails before. The trend is simply in its infancy, as indicated by the low number of related searches. BIAB (builder in a bottle) nails are a strengthening soak-off gel manicure that stays chip-free for weeks. Related searches like near me reveal that consumers are interested in exploring this trend as an in-salon service.

Consumer-driven (rather than brand-driven) searches, show opportunities for brands to enter the space. One major opportunity is to expand the number of BIAB polishes on the market, as BIAB nails currently come in a limited range of colors.



Search interest for purple highlighters indicates that consumers are continuing to get creative with their makeup looks.

The Spate Facts: Purple Highlighter

There are 3.0K searches on average every month in the US for Purple Highlighter, a very low volume relative to other highlighter products. It’s grown +121.6% in searches since last year with very low competition and 3 market leaders: Wet N Wild, Becca Cosmetics, and MAC Cosmetics.

The Spate POV

If you’re looking for a makeup product that’s really going to make you stand out, look no further than a purple highlighter. While it may look extraterrestrial, purple highlighters are universally flattering when applied to the skin. Related searches include terms like holographic, liquid, and look.

Terms such as holographic and look reveal that consumers are looking for different finishes and inspiration when it comes to this trend. The search for liquid alongside purple highlighter reveals that consumers are looking for a flexible, blendable format when it comes to this product.

This is a relatively low competition trend showcasing an opportunity for brands to make a statement in this category. Purple blush has also grown significantly in the past year and is currently up +62.0% YoY. The growth in searches for both purple highlighter and purple blush illustrates the emerging desire consumers have for cool-toned complexion products.



Consumer interest in peptide moisturizers, especially those that help with skincare concerns like anti-aging or firming, is growing.

The Spate Facts: Peptide Moisturizer

On average, there are 4.1K searches every month in the US for Peptide Moisturizer. This is low volume relative to other moisturizer product searches. It’s experienced a +42.5% growth in searches since last year with high competition and 3 market leaders: Olay, The Inkey List, and Derma E.

The Spate POV

Finding the perfect moisturizer for your skin type can be a daunting task especially when winter rolls around and the need for hydration is dire. Consumers are now turning to peptide moisturizers which work to hydrate the skin, boost collagen, and improve elasticity which reduces the visibility of wrinkles.

When scouring the web for a peptide moisturizer, consumers are searching for other benefits including hydrating, firming, lift, intense, anti-aging, and balancing. This reveals new opportunities for brands to use this language when branding their product. Related searches also include spf, collagen, vitamin c, ceramide, argan, hyaluronic acid, and retinol. Skincare brands should take note of consumer preferences for these ingredients and create a peptide moisturizer that serves all types of people with different skincare concerns.


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