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Consumers are looking for creams with healing and deeply hydrating benefits.


The Spate Facts: Recovery Cream

On average, there are 1.6K searches every month in the US for Recovery Cream, which is very low volume relative to other moisturizer products. It’s grown +80.0% in searches since last year with high competition and 7 market leaders: Avene, Olay, Ursa Major, Elemis, 111Skin, and Kiehl’s.

The Spate POV

Recovery cream is an intensive moisturizer formulated to hydrate, comfort, and restore extremely dry or damaged skin. The search for terms such as night and overnight alongside recovery cream indicates that consumers are searching for a deeply repairing product to use in their evening routines. Additionally, the search for ingredients such as peptide, hyaluronic acid, probiotic, vitamin k, antioxidant, and collagen support the consumer's desire for ingredient-driven skincare products. Brands looking to add a recovery cream to their line should prioritize these buzzy ingredients when formulating.

With so much existing competition, brands entering this space may need to get creative. There's an opportunity for brands to create recovery moisturizers in different formats, as showcased by the searches for product formats such as gel, oil, and balm.



Searches for silicone primer indicate consumers are trying to achieve a smooth base.


The Spate Facts: Silicone Primer

There are 6.1K searches on average every month in the US for Silicone Primer, which is low volume relative to other face primer products. It has grown +49.9% in searches since last year with medium competition and 6 market leaders including The Ordinary, Smashbox, and Ofra.

The Spate POV

Remember the great Smashbox Photo Finish era of 2018? We’re sure you had silicone primer slathered on your face at that point. And search results show that silicone primers — including Smashbox options — are gaining traction again.

The deliberate search for silicone in priming products showcases an opportunity for brands to include silicone in their messaging for primer products. Additionally, the search for oily skin and dry skin alongside silicone primer indicates that consumers are concerned about the impacts of silicone on their skin type. There is significant opportunity for brands to create content educating consumers about the impact of a silicone-based product for different skin types.



This high volume, quickly growing trend is one to keep an eye(lash) on.


The Spate Facts: Tubing Mascara There are 23.2K searches on average every month in the US for Tubing Mascara, which is high volume relative to other searches for mascara products. It has grown +63.4% in searches since last year with high competition and Blinc, Tarte, and L’Oreal as the market leaders. The Spate POV Unlike traditional mascaras, which are typically made from oils or waxes, tubing mascara is made up of tube-like polymers that wrap around each individual lash. The result is long, defined natural lashes. The search for volume and waterproof alongside tubing mascara indicate some key benefits that consumers are searching for when it comes to this form of mascara. Tubing mascara is known for being easy to remove, as the tubes slide off in little chunks when you apply warm water. The search for remove alongside tubing mascara reveals that consumers are interested in the removal process of tubing mascara that differentiates it from other products. Brands should keep this top of mind as this is exactly the type of visual transformation that performs well on social media.


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