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The chart below represents a sample of the top growing supplement trends on TikTok this month. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Growing TikTok Supplement Trends  - Spate Data

The Spate POV

While there's no magic pill to solve all our beauty woes, many of us like to believe there is. Indeed, consumers are looking beyond topicals when it comes to their beauty routines.

Currently, hair growth smoothies rank number one as the top supplement trend on TikTok by month-over-month growth. It makes sense since our diet plays a vital role in maintaining healthy hair, and wellness girlies are now focusing their attention on nourishing hair from the inside out. The top hashtag is #hairsmoothie, and the top related concerns hashtagged alongside hair growth on TikTok are #damagedhair #hairloss #oilyscalp #oilyhairtips #postpartumhairloss #lowporosityhair. While hashtags can feel desperate or outdated, they're quite effective when it comes to gaining exposure on TikTok. Brands should use these trending hashtags when creating content, as well as messaging around product launches or relaunches.

Hair growth supplements are also on the rise with the top hashtag #hairgrowthproducts, and top related TikTok content-specific hashtags alongside hair growth: #hairgrowthjourney #hairtransformation #behindthescenes #hairbeforeandafter #haircareroutine. There's nothing like a good before and after (paging Mia Thermopolis), and brands should understand the importance of before-and-after results when it comes to hiring influencers to create hair loss and hair growth content on TikTok.

If you're curious about how to optimize getting your product to target top-viewed concerns on TikTok or capitalize off of these hashtags, book a meeting with a Spate expert today.




It's old news at Spate as we've been watching the emergence of gray hair for a while now, but a recent growth in views for gray specific products on TikTok means this trend is going viral. (ICYMI we predicted this trend in our 2023 Trends Report).

In the last month, views for #maison276ambassador on TikTok have grown +1019.3%. That is the fastest growing TikTok brand related trend this month, indicating a rise in interest for gray hair specific products! As TikTok continues to drive visual trends in the hair space, brands should use this data when considering content and marketing creative. Including this demographic is important - even for TikTok.

With the introduction of TikTok data into the Spate dashboard, users can compare TikTok views and consumer searches to understand which trends present a good opportunity for marketing as well as product development. Reach out to learn more.

Gray Hair on Tiktok - Spate Data


At Spate, we're committed to bringing you accessible and actionable data and insights. Whether you're honing your communications strategy, social media copy, or building next year's R&D calendar, we have data that matters for you. Reach out to learn more.


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