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WHAT'S TRENDING TOP GROWING SKINCARE INGREDIENTS IN KOREA The chart below represents a sample of the top skincare ingredients searched in South Korea. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Growing Skincare Ingredients in Korea - Spate

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As the beauty industry becomes more interconnected globally (here’s to you, internet), it's essential for brands to keep an eye on trends beyond their local market. That's why this week, we're diving into the latest skincare ingredients making waves in the Korean beauty scene: salicylic acid and hydroquinone. In Korea, where skincare is viewed as an important part of self care, these ingredients are being praised for their ability to promote clear and radiant skin.

Across consumer searches, salicylic acid is currently the top-growing ingredient in Korean skincare, with a YoY growth of +7801.5%. This powerful ingredient is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory properties and gentle exfoliation. Brands should take note that in Korea, foam cleansers are the top keywords associated with salicylic acid within skincare. This trend extends beyond Korea, as salicylic acid cleanser searches in the US have increased by +6.8% YoY, indicating that it's gaining traction in the US market as well.

Hydroquinone, on the other hand, is experiencing a more modest YoY growth of +239.2%. However, despite being a low-volume trend, it's gaining significant momentum in Korea, with most searches focusing on hydroquinone ointment. Hydroquinone is known to target discoloration — searches for discoloration alongside beauty are up +12.2% YoY in Korea. Searches for discoloration alongside beauty is also up +2.9% YoY in the US highlighting the concern across markets. Brands should be aware the hydroquinone is a prescription only ingredient, supporting the consumer’s desire for strong, dermatologist-prescribed actives.

These two ingredients suggest that Korean consumers are searching for stronger solutions to address skincare concerns, which is atypical of the usual Korean sentiment of being gentle and hydrating. To learn more about these Korean beauty trends and how to cater to them, check out the dashboard today.




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