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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

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The chart below represents a sample of the top increase supplement & ingestible trends on search in the U.S. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Top Increase Supplement & Ingestible Trends - US Search

The Spate POV

Ah, supplements and ingestibles. It's hard to tell what works and what doesn't, especially with all the clever marketing thrown around. However, there are many individuals who want to improve their general wellbeing, and look to these products for an easy and quick way to jumpstart a new routine. In the US, the top two searches for supplement and ingestible trends are protein powder and probiotics.

Protein powder has been around forever – even the dinosaurs were on a subscribe and save plan for Isopure, Orgain, and Garden of Life – and with so many variations available, it's no wonder the trend experiences an average of 1.6 million monthly searches. The top growing ingredient searches alongside protein powder include fiber, casein, oats, beef, and magnesium, which highlights some of the ingredients consumers are specifically looking to have in their protein powder or to add to their blender bottle protein shakes. When it comes to benefits, the top growing searches alongside protein powder include simple, clear, unsweetened, and energy, showcasing some of the claims consumers are interested in when using protein powder. This is not surprising, as many protein powders on the market taste like chalk and can ruin the beauty that is a tropical smoothie.

Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, and pre/probiotics — it can get confusing, which is why the trend probiotics has 2.1 million average monthly searches. The top growing benefits searched alongside probiotics include effectiveness, weight loss, whole foods, and spore-based, indicating the specific claims consumers are looking for when it comes to probiotics. The top growing concerns searched alongside probiotics are weight loss, gluten-free, and eczema, which reveals the type of issues consumers are looking to support with probiotics. Additionally, the search for probiotics alongside whole foods shows a growing desire among consumers to find probiotics in natural food sources. Alexa, is Kefir a probiotic supplement dupe?

If you're looking to compete in the supplements and ingestibles space, it's beneficial to incorporate these top searched ingredients, benefits, and concerns into your products while ensuring they work and taste good. And if you want to take an even deeper dive into this market, why not book a meeting with a Spate expert today?


At Spate, we're committed to bringing you accessible and actionable data and insights. Whether you're honing your communications strategy, social media copy, or building next year's R&D calendar, we have data that matters for you. Reach out to learn more.


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