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The Spate dashboard analyzes over 20 billion signals on search and TikTok to answer three crucial questions for the beauty and wellness industry:

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Below are two of top growing oral care trends on search in the US. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Top Growing Oral Care Trends

The Spate POV

Beauty isn't the only field embracing fun and innovation; oral care has also joined the trend to enhance aesthetics beyond basic white tubes of toothpaste and make daily routines more enjoyable. In fact, according to Mintel, 49% of US consumers visit the dentist every six months. This reflects the pedestal upon which oral care is placed, and emphasizes the importance of a strong daily routine. Currently, the top two growing oral care trends in US search are purple toothpaste and oil pulling.

The burning question on everyone's lips: Does purple toothpaste actually deliver results? A quick search for “does purple toothpaste work” suggests that consumers are eager to find out. They're not just seeking reassurance; they also want to discover the best options through reviews. As consumers tend to be skeptical when it comes to new innovations, it's an ideal opportunity for brands to step in with informative content. The TikTok video format is particularly effective for educating and positioning their purple toothpaste as the top choice. We'd suggest commissioning more “GRWM as I try purple toothpaste for the first time” videos with an emphasis on teeth whitening.

Oil pulling, on the other hand, is an ancient tradition that's undergoing a rebrand. It's experiencing an average of 116.0K monthly searches and +65.9% YoY growth, as many consumers remain curious about its benefits and whether or not it works. Much like the exploration of the five senses, there's ample opportunity here for brands to craft educational content explaining what oil pulling is, where it's applicable, and why it matters. Currently, there are three market leaders, but oral care brands should keep an eye on the top-searched brand for this trend, Georganics, which has created a mouthwash oil pulling product that integrates oil pulling into an already established product format.

The oral care industry is a booming market since taking care of your teeth is top of mind both day and night. Discover more about the oral care industry through Mintel's latest oral care trends report in collaboration with Spate.At Spate, we're committed to bringing you accessible and actionable data and insights. Whether you're honing your communications strategy, social media copy, or building next year's R&D calendar, we have data that matters for you. Reach out to learn more.


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