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EVENT UPDATE: NYSCC SUPPLIERS' DAY & THE LATEST IN SUN CARE Spate had the privilege of attending NYSCC Suppliers' Day this week and we couldn't help but notice a common theme: talk of sunscreen — from skin feel to popular sun filters — is everywhere. As we approach the summer season, all eyes are on the sun care category. We launched our Sun Care Trends Report recently, and we wanted to drop a reminder to check it out. From the top formats (ie, convenient sticks) to top brands dominating consumers' favorite trends, dig into this report and use it to guide your own summer of sun care.

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New Watchlist: Met Gala 2022

The first Monday in May is Fashion’s biggest night of the year, but no look is ever complete without glam. This watchlist was made to track the beauty trends from the red carpet, and see how they play out within consumers' searches. Use this watchlist to stay up-to-date on how consumers adapt these red-carpet beauty trends.

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Peel off lip stains are the innovative and long-wear solutions for lip color that consumers are searching for. This low volume, quickly growing trend is one to keep an eye on.

The Spate Facts: Peel Off Lip Stain

There are 3.4K average monthly searches in the US for Peel Off Lip Stain, which has grown +120.8% since last year. There is only one market leader: Sephora. Though Sephora doesn’t retail this product, the fact that consumers are seeking it there presents an opportunity for this and competing retailers.

The Spate POV

The desire for long lasting (+75.1% YoY) lip makeup continues to gain traction as consumers are ready to ditch the face masks, helping to fuel the growth of the lip stain category (+65.5% YoY). The peel off lip stain is a fun new format that injects some excitement back into the lip category. It is a much more engaging process of application, and consumers get instant gratification upon peel-off.

Searches related to peel off lip stain are: Sephora, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, homemade, and DIY. The search for retailers indicates that consumers are prioritizing the product format over the brand, so there is an opportunity for a brand to own this space. Considering that this trend promises long lasting results up to 10 hours and semi-permanent services such as lip blushing are growing (+42.3% YOY), what other makeup categories can benefit from similar longwear benefits? Eyebrows, eyeliners, and even cheeks can perhaps be next in line to benefit from the peel off stain effect.



Consumers are searching for non-invasive ways to alter the appearance of their eyes, and eyelid tape is the accessible product doing just that.

The Spate Facts: Eyelid Tape

On average, there are 21.9K monthly searches in the US for Eyelid Tape, which has grown +49.8% since last year. There is one market leader: The Face Shop.

The Spate POV

Consumers are looking for eyelid tape to help lift the face and make the eyes appear bigger and more youthful. They are also used by consumers with monolid or hooded eyes to create the appearance of a double eyelid. Related searches for eyelid tape are: hooded eyes, droopy [eyelids], anti-aging, and sagging.

Unsurprisingly, eyebrow lift is also up +9.3% YoY indicating that consumers are searching for the lifted effect. How can brands help consumers achieve their desired eye look without the use of invasive procedures? Can skincare products and devices promise longer lasting results that are safe and done in the comfort of the home? In the age of contouring, can eye shape contouring achieve these effects?



Searches for anti-humidity spray reveal consumers' desires to tackle frizz without the lengthy process of salon options like keratin treatments.

The Spate Facts: Anti-humidity Spray

There are 2.4K average monthly searches for Anti-Humidity Spray, which has grown +58.9% since last year. There are four market leaders: Oribe, Living Proof, Amika, Alterna.

The Spate POV

Summer is coming. And with it, the dreaded humidity and fight against frizz. Anti-frizz as a trend is up +27.1% with searches such as “anti frizz spray” and “anti frizz serum” indicating the consumer desire for frizz solutions. Related searches include: Walmart, drugstore, and Target, indicating that a wallet-friendly price point is crucial for this trend. Consumers are also searching for “heat protectant” alongside this trend, indicating that they are looking for a multi-functional product as well. Of course, no trend would be complete without a more permanent solution. Enter the keratin treatment, the salon service that delivers smooth, sleek hair sans frizz, which is up +18.1% YoY.

How else can brands innovate to help consumers fight the daily frizz battle? There may be opportunity for a semi-permanent product offering longer lasting results that can be used at home without the need for an expensive salon treatment. Or perhaps innovative water resistant fabrics that can be incorporated into hair accessories to fight the frizz, fashionably. Brands should also consider the needs of different hair types and textures that react to frizz differently, and may require custom options.


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Ellie Ballou
Ellie Ballou
May 17, 2022

I've been loving anti-humidity spray! Happy to see i'm on trend:)

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