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Wow, it's been a busy week. From the May Beauty Tracker launch to our recent partnership with BEAUTYSTREAMS, we're happy to share several trend updates from our side.

  • Spate x BEAUTYSTREAMS: In a three-part series, BEAUTYSTREAMS adds their perspective to Spate sun care data to support brands, marketers, and product developers alike as we enter the summer months.

  • May Beauty Tracker: Explore the latest shifts in consumer behaviors across the beauty vertical, comparing April 2022 to April 2021. Makeup and fragrance, especially, are demonstrating interesting changes across multiple trends.

  • Brand Trackers: Understand which brands are driving the most significant search volume changes across the category and explore up-and-coming brands demonstrating consistent growth across categories, from skincare to makeup to fragrance.

  • Mature Skin & Makeup: Did you know that searches for mature skin alongside the makeup category are up 60.4% YoY? Explore the product categories driving this growth to better understand this rising consumer base in our member-exclusive one-sheet

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Searches alongside lip shimmer indicate the consumers are looking for a product that imparts pigment, while also offering hydrating benefits.

The Spate Facts: Lip Shimmer

On average, there are 3.6K monthly searches in the US for Lip Shimmer, which has grown +805.2% since last year. There are three market leaders: Burt’s Bees, Eos, and Nivea.

The Spate POV

Lip shimmers moisturize and hydrate lips while imparting a hint of color and luminescent shine. Related search terms include: lip gloss, lip balm, rose gold, champagne, peony, cherry, grapefruit, nude, sheer, SPF, plumper, swatch, natural, and pink. Searches for rose gold and champagne reveal that consumers are looking for colors with gold undertones, while searches for cherry, grapefruit, and peony reveal the desire for fruit and flower-inspired colors.

Similar to other products in the makeup category (ie, SPF setting spray, up +32.8% YoY), lip products are experiencing “skinification” as consumers search for SPF to protect lips against sun damage; lip sunscreen in particular is up +30.2% YoY. Meanwhile, searches for skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and hydropeptides alongside lip makeup further illustrate the ensuing skinification of lips. As consumers search for lip shimmer across multiple product categories such as lip gloss, lip balm, and lip plumper, this can present an opportunity for brands to incorporate the shimmery finish across all lip products while also providing SPF protection. There is also an opportunity for clean beauty brands to offer consumers vegan lip shimmers since many of the market leaders incorporate beeswax in their formulas.



Powder sunscreen is a sun care product format driving interest amongst consumers for its convenience.

The Spate Facts: Powder Sunscreen

There are 22.8K average monthly searches in the US for Powder Sunscreen, which has experienced a +29.5% growth YoY. There is high competition with 10 market leaders: Tarte, Supergoop!, Colorescience, Bareminerals, Peter Thomas Roth, Derma E, Physician’s Formula, Clinique, Jane Iredale, and Isdin.

The Spate POV

With hot summer days ahead consumers are searching for Powder Sunscreen to help protect their skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Powder sunscreens are especially convenient as they often have a texture similar to setting powders and come with built-in brushes that can be easily swept on over makeup. This is especially useful for reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. Related searches include terms such as: mineral, foundation, compact, translucent, pressed, brush, protection, sheer, zinc oxide, scalp, glowing, radiant, and talc free.

Powder sunscreen searches play into the clean beauty movement as consumers search for natural ingredients such as mineral sun filters, especially zinc oxide, and talc-free options. Brands should take note and continue to develop clean sunscreen options that are formulated with the physical sunscreen actives consumers are seeking. The search for various product formats indicates that consumers are looking especially for compact or pressed powders. Perhaps even more interesting is the search for scalp, which demonstrates that consumers are also looking to protect their hair and scalp from sun damage. This can be a great opportunity for brands to create multifunctional sun protection products that work for both skin and hair, as SPF for hair receives 4.5K average monthly searches (+181K increase in searches).



Consumers are searching for a retinol - alternative that can help support acne and aging without the redness or irritation. Bakuchiol serum seems to be gaining the attention of consumers for this purpose.

The Spate Facts: Bakuchiol Serum

On average, there are 4.0K monthly searches in the US for Bakuchiol Serum. It’s grown +24.5% since last year and there are two market leaders: Bybi Beauty and Herbivore Botanicals.

The Spate POV

Bakuchiol has become popular as a natural, less-irritating alternative to retinol which has been a skincare staple for decades but can cause redness, irritation, and peeling. Related searches alongside bakuchiol serum include: retinol, alternative [to retinol], smoothing, pads, review, sephora, and ulta. Although top search queries for bakuchiol serum are driven by Herbivore, Bybi, and Indeed Labs, there are consumer driven searches for the “best bakuchiol serum”, “bakuchiol serum sephora”, and “bakuchiol serum ulta”, revealing that consumers are interested specifically in the ingredient outside of the top brands and opportunity remains for brands to step in with new product innovations.

The top concerns searched alongside retinol are acne (34.3K), wrinkles (20.1K), aging (7.2K), and scarring (6.6K). Brands should show how their bakuchiol-centric products can tackle similar concerns efficiently. Also, brands should consider incorporating this ingredient through innovation, for example, by incorporating searched formats like pads.


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yarden horwitz
yarden horwitz
May 17, 2022

Mature beauty is the new anti-aging! Love that consumers are thinking about it differently, and embracing the beauty of maturing skin.


Ellie Ballou
Ellie Ballou
May 17, 2022

Love these beauty trends! & Powder sunscreen is a personal fav!

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