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Last week, we published our monthly Beauty Tracker, and the growth of base makeup products stood out to us. Slower to recover than the rest of makeup following the loosening of lockdown restrictions in 2021, it seems that this category — including everything from waterproof foundation to green concealer — is once again a focus for consumers. We recently launched our Base Makeup Trends Report that reveals which base makeup categories, in particular, are top of mind. In this report, we also reveal which brands are driving growth across the category.

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Google searches for SPF Setting Spray indicate that consumers are eager to add spf into their makeup routine beyond the base.

The Spate Facts: SPF Setting Spray

On average, there are 4.1K searches every month in the US for SPF Setting Spray, which is low volume relative to other searches for sunscreen products. It’s grown +32.8% in searches since last year with little competition. There are two market leaders: Coola and Kate Somerville.

The Spate POV

As far as product formats go, sprays are leading the greatest positive change within the sunscreen category (+142.6K average monthly searches), demonstrating that consumers are looking for a sunscreen product in a convenient format. SPF setting spray is a 2-in-1 hybrid product that acts as a sunscreen and setting spray (+31% YoY) in one to help protect skin against harmful UV rays while setting makeup. Related searches include: makeup, rose water, sunscreen, Ulta, drugstore, Sephora, organic, and matte.

Sunscreen reapplication is recommended throughout the day, and an SPF setting spray is a great way for consumers to keep their look fresh without any mess or hassle. Brands should consider how else sunscreen can be incorporated into makeup to simplify consumer routines. The top volume ingredient searched alongside setting spray is rose water, which is known to be soothing and calming — perfect to combat any redness or irritation from the sun.



Consumers are searching for knotless braids alongside varying sizes and hair colors indicating room for exploration with this trend.

The Spate Facts: Knotless Braids

There are 703K searches on average every month in the US for Knotless Braids, which has grown +27.6% in searches since last year. There is low competition and two market leaders: Outre and Xpressions Hair.

The Spate POV

Knotless braids are a variation of the traditional box braids, where the braids are started using one’s own hair instead of creating a knot first to secure the braid to the scalp. As a result, knotless braids create less tension and have the advantage of being more gentle and less painful on the scalp. Related searches include terms like: medium, box [braids], small, jumbo, large, curly, color, near me, blonde, long, red, short, child, how to, and vs.

The broad appeal of knotless braids are evident in related searches such as medium, small, jumbo, long, short, and large—indicating that consumers are looking to create knotless braids of all shapes and sizes. Different colors such as blonde and red demonstrate the need for knotless braids to come in a variety of colors to create a cohesive look that blends with different hair colors and styles. Meanwhile, searches for “how to” and “vs” reveal that there is opportunity for brands to educate consumers on the different types of braids available and how to create these braids for those who want to DIY this style. Searches for Outre wigs in a knotless braid style also reveal the quest for convenience. As brands consider what this means for them, they should think about which products can be used by consumers to support this look.



Consumers are bringing the contouring trend down to their lips in hopes of achieving the perfect pout with cosmetics.

The Spate Facts: Lip Contour

On average, there are 3.1K searches every month in the US for Lip Contour, which has grown +50.1% in searches since last year. There is medium competition with 11 market leaders: Huda Beauty, Dior Beauty, Maybelline, Nars, Pat Mcgrath, Burberry, and KVD Vegan Beauty.

The Spate POV

Similar to face contouring, lip contouring enables lips to be more defined by adding shape, depth, and dimension. Related searches include terms like best, kit, look, and tutorial—indicating that consumers are exploring ways to achieve this low search-volume trend. This is a great opportunity for brands to provide educational content and how-to’s on this new contouring technique.

Lip liners are necessary for this technique, as evidenced by the increased searches for "brown" alongside lip liner in particular (+72.4% YoY). Search queries for this include “brown lip liner with clear lip gloss”, supporting the consumer desire for a darker, more defined lip line with high shine. Lip contouring is also offered by certain skincare products that are searched alongside this trend, showing the cross-category appeal. Brands may want to heed this desire by offering more longwear lip liner and gloss products that actually remain put on the pout, as well as complementary skincare solutions for the area.


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Ellie Ballou
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