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The rise in searches for churro cookies in the US reveals the American consumer's interest in taking the churro taste beyond its original form.

The Spate Facts: Churro Cookies

There are 3.1K searches on average every month in the US for Churro Cookies, which is very low volume relative to other searches for cookie types. Search interest has grown +52.9% since last year with two market leaders: Crumbl and Thinsters.

The Spate POV

Churro Cookies take the cinammon-y sweet goodness of the churro and transform them into cookie form. The result is a perfectly chewy sugar cookie topped with a rich and creamy cinnamon buttercream. Consumers are seeking the churro cookie along with additional variations on the cookie including hazelnut and white chocolate chip.

In addition to the cookie, other churro desserts are also trending such as churro donuts, waffles, cupcakes, and chips. This indicates an opportunity to bring this flavor trend to other categories in food such as ice cream, cereal, and even beverages (ie, as shakes and sparkling sodas).

As this is a relatively new trend with few market leaders, there is still room for a brand to come in and own this trend. Brands should also consider creating unique, specialty churro desserts as part of their social media strategy and explore partnerships with authentic Latin and Spanish pastry chefs to create new recipes with a nod to the churro’s origins.



Searches for Korean Cookies indicate that consumers are looking for more than just the familiar when it comes to Korean cuisine.