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This week, the Spate team attended Cosmoprof in Las Vegas, where we got to speak with other professionals and beauty lovers across the industry about the hottest trends in beauty. In general, we were struck by all of the innovation happening in the space.

With unique searches like onion alongside hair growth oil up +29.2% YOY, it was exciting to see brands adapting their lineups with products like onion shampoo and conditioner. Also, barrier repair was a popular topic and point of difference in the skincare space. A trend we've been monitoring for over a year now, it continues to grow within consumer searches and is currently up +65.8% YOY.

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In other news, Spate recently launched our Fragrance Trends Report where we explore the trends, notes, formats, and brands driving strong positive change across the personal fragrance category. Access this report here.




Spate has analyzed over 70,000 products from hundreds of brands to bring you a comprehensive overview of brand and product performance by category and price point.

The below brands are driving the most significant change in search volume in their respective categories. The products listed represent the top trending product for each brand. Brands should take note not only of the products consumers are loving, but the macro trends contributing to their success as well.

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Hair Care: OLAPLEX

Brand: +147.4K increase in average monthly searches, +23.7% YOY growth

In the June Beauty Tracker (request access here), shampoo products are one of the top categories driving growth across hair compared to last June. It makes sense that the Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo is the top trending product for Olaplex with +84.5K increase in average monthly search volume and +53.5% YOY growth. With consumers returning to office and meeting IRL, the once-weekly shampoo habits of deep lockdown are over. How can your brand seize this moment?

(PS — If you haven't yet checked out our interview with Olaplex CEO, JuE Wong, you can still get the hot takes here.)



Brand: +166.2K increase in average monthly searches, +53.2% YOY growth

A year after lockdown was lifted, and with it many mask-wearing requirements, consumers may be able to showcase other parts of their face. But, the virality of a product like PTR's Instant FIRMx® Eye Temporary Eye Tightener reveals that a tight and bright eye is still the goal for many. This product has seen an increase of +50.8K average monthly searches and +237.1% YOY growth. Brands should consider how lockdown-era eye focus is still an opportunity in both skincare and makeup. Also, when it comes to social media, consider how instant visual effects from skincare matter as much as they do for makeup.



Brand: +389.8K increase in average monthly searches, +34.2% YOY growth

The slowest makeup category to recover after lockdown, our Beauty Tracker (request access here) has been following the rise of foundation and base makeup products over the last few months. With this growth, consumers are turning back to the classics brands like MAC for their base products. With +42.0K increase in average monthly searches and +624.2% YOY growth, the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 from the brand is a consumer favorite. Brands should take note of the longwear messaging of this product in particular to understand what consumers are now seeking out from their foundation.


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