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Summer is flying by, and with fall and winter rapidly approaching, use Spate's latest reports to guide your strategy as you plan for everything from back to school shopping to holiday gifting campaigns.

  • Back to School Trends Report: This predictive report explores trends with strong upward growth that Spate predicts to be big come September. From hair to makeup to nails, it's all about simplicity with bold touches. Deep dive to understand how your brand can catch the wave just in time.

  • Fragrance Trends Report: With holiday planning right around the corner (or perhaps for your team, it's already begun), now's a fantastic time to look at the popular trends driving the fragrance category. After all, as the season of giving approaches, we expect a spike in fragrance searches. Remind consumers what they want after learning what they're already searching for.

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Not just for Halloween or cosplaying, consumers are now searching for rhinestone makeup to elevate their everyday makeup.

The Spate Facts: Rhinestone Makeup

There are 9.1K searches on average every month in the US for Rhinestone Makeup, which has grown +164.0% in searches since last year. There are no market leaders.

The Spate POV

Rhinestone Makeup is having a moment bringing fun, sparkly joy to everyday makeup looks instead of being relegated to special events only. Related searches include eye, Euphoria, idea, glitter, and simple — indicating that consumers are looking for simple and easy ideas to bling up their makeup looks, particularly around the eye area. Searches for Euphoria indicate that the trend may be driven by the popularity of the makeup on the tv show; the term Euphoria Makeup is up +16.6%.

Rhinestone makeup searches are enjoying high YOY growth with high predicted growth (+26.5%), but the absence of a market leader presents an opportunity for brands to step in and assume the leadership role in this category. Aside from eye makeup, brands should consider the versatility of these little gems to create other stylish looks on nails, cheeks, and other body parts. An extension into fashion can also present an opportunity beyond the beauty category.



Rising interest in creme lightener reveals consumers are searching for hair products that offer benefits while also providing a function like lightening.