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There's a lot happening in the Spate dashboard this week with the addition of our latest content:

  • The Top Rising Ingredients Report explores the ingredients consumers are searching across categories including hair, skin, and body. Trends like the skinification of the body care continue, while new ingredients emerge as cross-category players. Use this report to support marketing for existing products and future innovation.

  • Our presentation from MakeUp in NewYork, Joy-Care: Beauty in the Name of Pleasure, was done in collaboration with our partners at Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation. This report reveals top color cosmetics trends from the US, UK, and French markets, offering a new international perspective.

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Scalp cleanser searches reflect increased consumer interest in scalp care as a trend.

The Spate Facts: Scalp Cleanser

On average, there are 8.9K searches every month for Scalp Cleanser in the US, which is a low volume in search relative to other hair care products. It's grown by +14.1% in searches since last year. Currently, there are two market leaders: Aveda and Nioxin.

The Spate POV

Buildup on the scalp can block hair follicles, leading to hair loss, which is still up +3.8% YoY after a spike mid-pandemic. Thankfully, incorporating a scalp cleanser into your hair care routine is often all it takes to remove buildup and get your scalp and hair back on track.

The increased focus on scalp care has undoubtedly been accelerated by the skinification of the hair care industry as more and more consumers relate healthy hair with a healthy scalp. It's, therefore, unsurprising that consumers are diving deeper to learn about scalp treatments (+11.1% YoY), scalp serums (+65.0% YoY), and scalp concerns (+6.1% YOY). Existing hair care brands should consider adding scalp care products to their lines.

With other hair products like dry shampoo (+7.9% YoY) and hair mousse (+18.8% YoY) on the rise, brands should consider ways to educate consumers on proper scalp cleansing following a no-wash period or a day of extreme styling.



Consumers are showing strong interest in setting powders, across a variety of brands.

The Spate Facts: Setting Powder

There are 85.8K searches on average every month in the US for Setting Powder, which is a high volume relative to other face makeup products. It has grown +21.8% in searches since last year with 23 market leaders, including Laura Mercier, Becca Cosmetics, Too Faced, and RCMA.

The Spate POV

Whether you love setting powder, hate setting powder, or think setting powders should be left for the Cullens, it appears that setting powder is here to stay. And it's worth noting that modern options won't leave you with such a vampiric complexion.

Nowadays, we see a rise in searches for mattifying, pressed, translucent, brightening, and SPF, indicating that consumers are looking for and are interested in setting powders with various benefits. This can be an excellent opportunity for brands to create multifunctional setting powders that work to brighten, protect the skin from sun damage and provide a nice finish.

Consumers are still budget conscious when purchasing, and searches for drugstore are up +20.0% YoY alongside this trend. Therefore, brands with higher prices should keep that in mind when marketing/promoting their setting powders.



Peel off nail polish is the perfect product for consumers who are too busy and/or lazy to go with traditional removal methods.

The Spate Facts: Peel Off Nail Polish

On average, there are 3.7K searches every month in the US for Peel Off Nail Polish, which is a low volume compared to other nail product searches. It’s grown almost +42.8% in searches since last year with two market leaders, Sally Hansen and Holo Taco.

The Spate POV

Nail polish removal can be a real chore. Yet improper polish removal can lead to nail weakness, brittleness, and thinning over time. So it makes sense that easily removable peel off nail polishes are rising in popularity.

How to make and diy searches play into the growing trend of at home manicures (+12.1% YoY) as consumers search for ways to save money in the face of a potential recession. With consumers asking about ways to peel off gel nail polish, consumers are hunting down easy, cheap methods to remove their salon styles.

Brands should note and promote the unique value proposition of their peel off nail polish and why consumers should buy it rather than opting for a DIY option. We suggest value props like product formats like peel off nail stickers (nail stickers have +15.6% predicted growth in the next year), chic packaging, or ingredient innovation.


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