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Tinted serum is the perfect product for consumers who want both serum and base makeup in one product.

The Spate Facts: Tinted Serum

On average, there are 18.4K searches every month in the US for Tinted Serum, which is medium volume relative to other skincare products. It’s grown +318.1% in searches since last year with L’Oréal Paris as the main market leader.

The Spate POV

What do you get when you mix base makeup and skincare? A tinted serum, of course. After years of skincare obsession through the pandemic, consumers are looking for skincare products that multitask, but with a little more finesse than in a five-in-one men's body wash way.

With searches like hyaluronic acid appearing alongside this trend, hydration is a priority. Brands entering the tinted serum market should look into formulating a product with other emerging hydrating skincare ingredients like polyglutamic acid (+73.1% YoY).

As for other product development opportunities, serum foundation is also taking off (+230.4% YoY). Consider bringing this skin-loving trend to other rising products like contour sticks (+62.5%) and liquid blush (+55.5% YoY).



Consumers are turning to hair loss foam to help treat hair loss and regrow fuller hair.

The Spate Facts: Hair Loss Foam

There are 10.9K searches on average every month in the US for Hair Loss Foam, which is a medium volume relative to other hair product searches. It has grown +49.1% in searches since last year with 2 market leaders; Rogaine and Kirkland.

The Spate POV

We’ve come a long way since the early 2000s Bosley hair loss infomercials. Consumers are now looking to hair loss foam to treat hair loss and regrow fuller hair. But foam isn’t the only option on the market— searches for vs [liquid] and aerosol indicate that consumers are also looking at different product formats and are curious about how each compares to its peers.

Cost and convenience are also at the forefront of consumers' minds when shopping for hair loss foam. They're searching for hair loss foams at accessible retailers like Walmart, Costco, CVS, and Target.

Searches for how to apply indicate a lack of familiarity with this format. Brands with existing hair loss foam products, or brands planning to release hair loss foam, should focus their marketing materials on making their products easy for consumers to use.

Searches for men and women appear, highlighting that consumers are searching for a hair loss foam that targets hair loss concerns specific to each gender. In an age of gender-neutral branding this may be a space where “for women” and “for men” branding works well. But brands should consider how the aesthetic can extend beyond millennial pink bottles for women and navy blue bottles for men.



Green concealer helps consumers neutralize redness and even out skin tone with minimal effort and time.


On average, there are 9.1K searches every month for Green Concealer in the US, which is a medium volume in search relative to other makeup products. It has grown by +60.0% in searches since last year. Currently, L’Oréal Paris is the only market leader.

The Spate POV

Contrary to what you might think, consumers aren’t searching for green concealer to prep for their next Shrek Rave but rather to neutralize redness caused by rosacea or acne. Consumers are also open to various product formats, as shown by searches for stick, powder and compact as long as they get the job done.

There are opportunities for brands to engage in influencer collaborations to review the product as searches for how to, best, what is, what does, and review appear. Color correction can be intimidating, and brands have the opportunity to support consumers as they learn. They can also partner with creators to produce online tutorials and content to help show the impact of green concealer on different skin tones and concerns.


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