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Body glitter spray allows anyone to achieve a shimmery look, and fast.


The Spate Facts: Body Glitter Spray

On average, there are 13.6K searches every month in the US for Body Glitter Spray, which is medium volume relative to other body glitter products. It’s grown +246.5% in searches since last year with low competition and Jerome Russel and Bath & Body Works as the two market leaders.

The Spate POV

If you’re looking for an added glow this winter might we suggest body glitter spray? These fun glitter sprays add sparkle to your body — as well as your hair and face — without causing any damage. The search for silver alongside body glitter spray indicates that consumers are looking for a specific tone when it comes to this product. Brands should be mindful of this but not let it hold them back from creating a variety of different color options for different occasions.

Searches for retailers like Walmart and CVS reveal the types of places consumers are looking to when it comes to this product trend. Rising retailer searches indicate that consumers aren’t necessarily specific about the brand, but they do want to know where they can buy them conveniently. With low competition in this trend space, brands have the opportunity to grab market share through effective branding, content, education, and innovation.



Rising interest in glitter eyeliner indicates consumers are looking for ways to keep things sparkly this winter.


The Spate Facts: Glitter Eyeliner

There are 14.2K searches on average every month in the US for Glitter Eyeliner, which is a medium volume relative to other eye looks. It has grown +25.7% in searches since last year with high competition and 6 market leaders: Urban Decay, NYX, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Too Faced, Maybelline, and Stila.

The Spate POV

Sorry, we can’t talk right now. We’re OOO experimenting with our new makeup, and you should be too. Adding glitter eyeliner to your makeup look is the quickest way to spice things up, especially during the festive holiday season. Specifically, consumers are searching for silver and gold, showcasing the desire for sparkly, metallic eyeliner. The search for liquid and pencil alongside glitter eyeliner highlights the desire for different product formats. Brands should keep this information in mind and look into selling the same product in different formats.

Searches for retailers like Sephora, drugstore, Ulta, Walmart, and online indicate that consumers are searching for different stores and types of retailers when it comes to this eye makeup trend. For brands with glitter eyeliner, place it front and center — online and IRL — as possible.



Deep in the midst of the holiday season, holiday nail looks are still on the rise.


The Spate Facts: Holiday Nails

There are 21.8K searches on average every month in the US for Holiday Nails, which is high volume relative to other searches for nail designs. It has experienced a +17.7% growth in searches since last year. There are 3 market leaders in the space: Kiss, imPRESS, and Dashing Diva.

The Spate POV

Let the rise of holiday nails be your reminder that consumers turn to their nails to express their seasonal desires. In fact, consumers are getting a headstart on their spring looks, with spring nails growing +22.9% YoY. Searches for product formats such as acrylic, dip, gel, press, and powder showcase the variety of opportunities available for nail brands when creating holiday inspired nail looks. There’s also an opportunity here when it comes to nail shape — searches for short and almond shaped give insight into the types of shapes that consumers are looking for this season and beyond.

Searches for ideas and designs reveal the consumer’s desire to find fun looks for the holidays online. This is a great opportunity for brands, whether nail focused or not, to include festive nail art in their content strategy around this time. Also, with spring and summer ahead, how else can nail brands prep for a seasonal design surge?


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