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SPATE NAMED BY CEW TOP INDUSTRY REPORT OF 2022 CEW has rounded up its top industry reports for 2022, and Spate's 2022 Trends Report is #1. In this predictive report — now an annual tradition — we predicted the top beauty trends for the past year. From advanced clinical skincare to eye-catching makeup embellishments, this report fully captured the 2022 beauty vibe. We're incredibly proud of its success, and grateful to all of you for reading it! As we reflect on this amazing year in beauty, we keep a cautious eye on the uncertain months ahead. Stay tuned for our 2023 Trends Report, which is just around the corner. In the meantime, today, explore "ICYMI: The Top 10 Industry Reports of 2022" on CEW.



As consumers continue to finesse their body care routines, we notice an increase in searches for products like body serums.


The Spate Facts: Body Serum

On average, there are 12.5K searches every month in the US for Body Serum, which is low volume relative to other body moisturizer products. It’s grown +19.0% in searches since last year with very high competition and 22 market leaders including The Body Shop, Clarins, Nivea, Necessaire, and Moroccanoil.

The Spate POV

Body serum is a non-negotiable during the cold winter months if you want to maintain any semblance of soft, hydrated skin. Right now we are seeing that consumers are searching for ingredients such as aha, hyaluronic acid, collagen, argan oil, retinol, and algae alongside body serum. There is a ton of opportunity here for brands to understand what benefits consumers are looking for based on their ingredient searches— firming, moisturizing, renewing, hydrating, anti-aging, tanning. Brands should also use this opportunity to call out the ingredients that may already be in body products in their messaging or on the packaging. In addition, brands should be sure to use these keywords in marketing for body products.



This metallic eye trend is perfect for turning heads this new year.


The Spate Facts: Silver Eyeliner

There are 2.4K searches on average every month in the US for Silver Eyeliner, which is very low volume relative to other eyeliner products. It has grown +25.3% in searches since last year with low competition and 3 market leaders: Revlon, Physician’s Formula, and MAC Cosmetics.

The Spate POV

The holidays are a great excuse to try out festive new makeup looks using products like silver eyeliner, and Spate's machine intelligence predicts this trend to continue growing even past the holiday season. The search for glitter and shimmer alongside silver eyeliner indicates that consumers are looking for a product that will bring a little sparkle to their eyes. Brands should be sure to use this messaging when it comes to metallic, or shiny products, as consumers demonstrate the desire to sparkle.

Consumers are looking for inspiration as we can see by the searches for look alongside silver eyeliner. Brands should use this opportunity to commission influencers to film content showcasing all of the fun ways to use silver eyeliner.



This cuffing season, consumers are searching for pheromone oils.


The Spate Facts: Pheromone Oil

On average, there are 16.4K searches every month in the US for Pheromone Oil, which is medium volume relative to other searches for perfume products. It’s grown +20.4% in searches since last year with medium competition and Pure Instinct as the only market leader.

The Spate POV

If you’ve been on Tik Tok recently you may have seen the viral pheromone oil that claims to blend with your natural smell, initiating an aromatic reaction from those around you (goodbye Hinge!). The search for what is, and what does alongside pheromone oil reveals a desire for understanding when it comes to this trend. Brands should use this opportunity to educate consumers on pheromones as it’s a very new concept and can feel gimmicky without proper education.

Searches for women and unisex alongside pheromone oil give insight into the audience searching for pheromone oil. This information is valuable for brands looking to enter the space when formulating scents and working on branding.


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