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MONTHLY BEAUTY TRACKER Though searches are lower than the last two years, beauty hit a relatively high note over the holidays compared to recent months. Despite a continuously shaky economy, we're hopeful that brands can capitalize on December's momentum in these first few months of 2023. In our interactive tracker, explore the opportunities available following the holiday search spikes. Get access to this data and more when you request your free trial, and prepare for the months ahead.

Monthly Beauty Tracker



Consumers are looking to upgrade their scalp care with routine scalp facials.

Scalp Facial - Spate Data

The Spate Facts: Scalp Facial

On average, there are 1.7K searches every month in the US for Scalp Facial, which is very low volume relative to other hair services. It’s grown +28.5% in searches since last year with very low competition and Alterna as the only market leader.

The Spate POV

You know about facials, you may have heard about bacials, and now *drum roll please* we present to you: scalp facials (Scacials? We’re workshopping the name). Similar to a regular facial, a scalp facial is a treatment that deeply cleanses to remove excess oil, impurities, and product build-up from the scalp.

The search for review alongside scalp facial indicates that consumers are still in the prospecting phase of this trend. They are on the hunt for someone to provide this service as shown by searches for near me.

There is a growing opportunity for spas to add scalp facials to their list of services or list it as an add-on to other treatments like facials or massages. The Head Spa at MASA.KANAI, though not yet appearing in searches alongside scalp facial, is a great example of a business capitalizing on consumers' cravings for scalp health.



Consumers are looking into different products and treatments to fix signs of sun damage like sun spots and pigmentation.

Sun damage - Spate data

The Spate Facts: Sun Damage

There are 25.3K searches on average every month in the US for Sun Damage, high volume relative to other face concerns. It’s grown +28.9% in searches since last year with low competition and 1 market leader: Garnier.

The Spate POV

Over time unprotected sun exposure can lead to sun damage which often looks like premature wrinkles or flat brown sun spots. Searches for face, skin, eye, and chest reveal that consumers are concerned about sun damage across different parts of their face and body.

Searches for reverse, how to, get rid of, protect, and over the counter indicate that consumers are eager for solutions to support sun damage. To some extent, sun damage is reversible utilizing blue light, lasers, chemical peels and various topical treatments.

Searches for retinol, coconut oil, and rosehip oil showcase some of the ingredients consumers are looking into when shopping for topicals. Brands should use this data to help educate consumers on best practices when it comes to ingredients like retinol and sun, as well as healing methods and ingredients.



Ice baths are trending and consumers are looking for ways to access this cold therapy at home or at the spa.

Ice bath - Spate data

The Spate Facts: Ice Bath

On average, there are 88.2K searches every month in the US for Ice Bath, which is low volume relative to other searches for bath and body. It’s grown +24.5% in searches since last year with low competition and 2 market leaders: Crossfit and Rubbermaid.

The Spate POV

If you’ve ever listened to a wellness podcast we’re sure you have heard about the healing powers of cold plunges and ice baths. Searches for health benefit, what does, why, science, after, and what is alongside ice bath indicates that consumers are still learning about this trend. Because it’s such a novel concept there is a lot of room here for brands to create educational content and complementary products.

The search for recovery, muscles, sore, weight loss, therapy, pain, swollen, anxiety, healing, hangover, and inflammation showcase the concerns consumers are looking to support when it comes to ice baths. Brands should take note of these concerns and either use this language in messaging, or develop products that can help support the same concerns without the discomfort. This information is especially relevant in the new year as people are looking to prioritize their health and update their routines.


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