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2023 PREDICTED TRENDS REPORT It's here! Spate's 2023 Trends Report; the annual report CEW named as their #1 industry report for 2022. This year is already full of uncertainty, making it essential to understand the needs of consumers. For 2023, one thing is certain, a new aesthetic has emerged. From nostalgic nods to Y2K fashion to the influence of social media, today's beauty consumer has developed their own distinct style. Dive into our most anticipated 2023 Trends Report to explore what's next for beauty in the 20s with the help of Spate data and expert insights from Michelle Lee, beauty expert and former Editor in Chief of Allure. With the support of cutting-edge technology like DALL-E and ChatGPT, this report is a visual and informative journey into the future of beauty.

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Consumers are looking for the perfect hair mascara to cover up grays, tame flyaways, and experiment with color.

Scalp Facial - Spate Data

The Spate Facts: Hair Mascara On average, there are 5.5K searches every month in the US for Hair Mascara, which is low volume relative to other hair makeup products. It’s grown +18.6% in searches since last year. Though L’Oreal is a top market leader, branded searches overall remain low making this trend low competition. The Spate POV Beauty trends come and go, and right now we are in the midst of an early aughts renaissance. The latest product to experience a rebirth? Hair mascara, of course. For the newly initiated, hair mascara is a temporary hair color that can be used to cover gray hairs, add highlights, and tame flyaways and frizz. We see this piqued interest in the search results as searches for gray reveal consumers looking for ways to cover up gray hair, and searches for neon showcase an opportunity consumers are jumping on to add fun colors to their tresses. Searches for how to use and what is reveal that consumers are unsure how exactly to use hair mascara. This is a lot of opportunity for brands to work with UGC to make educational content around hair mascara products. There is also space here for makeup brands to highlight the multifunctionality of a classic product.



With only three market leaders there is room for a new brand to come in and own the lactic acid space.

Sun damage - Spate data