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Spate 2023 Predicted Trends Report



Vitamin C has been a skincare staple, but the growth in searches for vitamin c eye cream give insight into the benefits consumers are looking to get out of the popular ingredient.

Vitamin C Eye Cream - Spate Data

The Spate Facts: Vitamin C Eye Cream

On average, there are 4.0K searches every month in the US for Vitamin C Eye Cream which is low volume relative to other eye care products. It’s grown +28.5% in searches since last year with medium competition and 8 market leaders including Context, Kiehl’s, Drunk Elephant, and Tarte.

The Spate POV

There are certain tried and true skincare ingredients like vitamin C that will reign supreme forever, especially when it comes to eye creams. Searches for brightening, daily, anti wrinkle, and radiant give insight into the kinds of claims consumers are searching for when it comes to this under eye product. It makes sense as most consumers turn to eye creams in order to brighten up tired under eyes (8 hours of sleep is a myth).

Searches for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, caffeine, and vitamin k alongside vitamin c eye cream showcase that consumers are looking for specific active ingredients in their skincare products. Brands should highlight these ingredients and their benefits in their packaging and online marketing materials.