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LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC? BOOK TIME WITH A SPATE EXPERT Whatever you're looking for, we've got it. Spate is a self-service, easy-to-use dashboard that analyzes over 20 billion search signals. Book a quick 1-1 with a Spate expert for free to explore the dashboard and all it has to offer. Did you enjoy our most anticipated 2023 Trends Report, for example? There's plenty more where that came from. We'll look forward to hearing from you.




This week, we were browsing the Spate dashboard, and we couldn't help but pick up on the exciting stuff happening across skincare. The chart below represents a sample of the top growing trends shown in the dashboard. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Vitamin C Eye Cream - Spate Data

The Spate POV

Top growth trends across skincare emphasize consumers’ overwhelming desire for moisture. Whether consumers are slathering their lips in glow balms or their full faces in Vaseline, the rise of glow balms and slugging remind brands to keep plump, dewy complexions at the forefront of their strategy.

Glow balms are used to enhance the natural radiance of skin and lips for a healthy, glowing appearance. Searches for lip, skin, and eye alongside glow balm indicate consumers' preferred treatment areas. Consumers want a glow balm that does it all as we can see by the searches for brightening, cooling, and healthy. Brands should take this information into consideration when developing their marketing strategies.

As for slugging, this is a method of layering heavy, occlusive products on top of one's regular skincare routine to create an extra layer of skin barrier protection. This technique has been gaining popularity in the beauty community as a way to achieve a glass-like, glowing complexion. If you didn’t know what slugging was you’re not alone — searches for what is alongside slugging reveal an opportunity to educate consumers on the method and its effects on the skin.

These aren’t the only trends driving growth across skincare this month, though. Request access to the Spate dashboard today to see the others for yourself.




In the below image, you'll see the year-over-year growth of face moisturizer represented by color — purple for positive growth and red for negative. Though rising within the US and France, face moisturizer interest is declining in the UK, South Korea, and Japan. For global companies and brands, consider ways to boost interest in markets where this category is slowing down.

Eyelash Comb - Spate data


At Spate, we're committed to bringing you accessible and actionable data and insights. Whether you're honing your communications strategy, social media copy, or building next year's R&D calendar, we have data that matters for you. Reach out to learn more.


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