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Below are two of the colors trending alongside blush on search in the US. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Top Growing Blush Colors

The Spate POV

When you think of blush, there's often one primary color that comes to mind: pink. Whether it's a vibrant pink blush like the viral Dior Backstage Rosy Glow that looks flattering on all skin tones, or a neutral, barely-there blush, pink has dominated the blush space for quite some time. Until now, that is. There are some new sheriffs in town: purple blush and yellow blush, according to the top growing blush colors in search.

Currently, there's an average of 3.5K monthly searches for purple blush, with a +15.1% YoY growth. One of the top volume search queries is Fenty purple blush, indicating that the Fenty brand is helping to drive the purple blush trend. The top product format searched alongside purple blush is cream — the format most consumers are looking for when it comes to the trend. This preference aligns with the fact that many existing purple blushes on the market come in cream form, such as those from Fenty, Merit, Rare Beauty, Glossier, and Tower 28.

Yellow blush is experiencing an average of 950 monthly searches for yellow blush with a +11.0% YoY growth. The top search queries are yellow blush and yellow blush korean. The top search queries are consumer-driven, indicating that no brand currently owns this trend. Therefore, there's ample opportunity for brands to incorporate yellow into their existing blush ranges or for a new brand to enter the market with a diverse collection of colored blushes available in both cream and powder formulations.

And the trend doesn't end with just purple and yellow. We've compiled a list of the top growing blush colors in search, and the results might surprise you. To dive deeper into these shades, schedule a meeting with a Spate expert today.


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