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Below are two of the top growing lip makeup trends on search in the US. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Top Growing Lip Makeup Trends- Spate data

The Spate POV

For many consumers, the right lip makeup is more than just a flattering hue; it symbolizes power and strength, with red lipstick being a notable example. Lately, there’s a surge of new products entering the market as people embrace a more playful and experimental approach to their makeup. Currently, the top growing trends in lip makeup searches are color changing lip gloss and lip gloss rollers.

It may sound like something out of science fiction, but color changing lip gloss is experiencing a +129.6% YoY growth and an average of 1.5K monthly searches. The top growing related keywords are pH and mood. Searches for pH alongside color changing lip gloss reveal that consumers are interested in products that transform based on personal pH levels—chemistry! Customization! Searches for mood color-changing lip gloss indicate that consumers are interested in a novel product format. Currently, Tarte is the sole market leader, but there’s ample opportunity for new players to enter the space. Perhaps a gloss that changes colors when you kiss someone who's bad news?

My (roller) lipgloss is poppin, my (roller) lipgloss is cool… my roller lip gloss may evoke nostalgia for the early 2000s, reminiscent of sequined bags and Motorola Razr flip phones. However, it's more than just a passing trend, with a +56.7% YoY growth and an average of 2.6K average monthly searches. There are three market leaders: Inc. Redible and Beauty Treats. This is a trend with very low competition, emphasizing the opportunity for brands to establish a strong presence in this space. If you're in a board meeting right now, racking your brain for new ideas, keep a close eye on formats, both in the beauty space, but specifically for lip products.

The cog doesn't always have to reinvent the wheel (or whatever the expression is). Sometimes, it's just a matter of transforming old ideas into new lip formats. To stay on the pulse of lip makeup trends, check out the Spate dashboard today.


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