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Below are two top growing candle brands on search in the US. Read on to learn how these could impact your business.

Top Growing Candle Brands - Spate US Data

The Spate POV

Candles can be a tricky market to enter, as everyone has different ideas of what appeals to them scent-wise. Some candles serve as status markers, like the extra large Diptyque candle, while others are reminiscent of simpler times (anything at Bath & Body Works). Right now, the top growing candle brands in searches in the US are Glossier and Salt & Stone

Glossier made waves with their Glossier You perfume, which they claim was “formulated to be a personal skin-scent enhancer” and smells a bit differently on everyone. Right now, the top search queries for the brand’s candle include Glossier candle and Glossier You candle, and the hashtags #Glossier and #candle together receive an average of 39.0M views per week on TikTok. Interestingly, searches for Glossier + perfume have decreased by 17.4% YoY. As we enter fall, offering a candle option seems to be compensating for some of the waning interest in the same fragrance. However, just this week, the brand launched a new You Eau De Parfum in a larger size, so perhaps that will rekindle the interest of perfume enthusiasts. Only time (and search data) will tell.

Salt & Stone is another fragrance brand that is experiencing significant success in the candle market, with the top growing search query for the brand being salt and stone candle. Additionally, there are an average of 2.0K monthly searches for body wash in conjunction with the brand Salt & Stone, indicating that consumers are interested in experiencing the brand's scent in various ways, beyond candles. Luxury body washes offer fragrance brands an excellent opportunity to diversify their product range, especially since premium body washes, and even hand soaps, allow consumers to add a touch of sophistication to their bathrooms. Think back to the #shelfie days when it seemed like everyone’s bathroom sink featured at least one bottle of Aesop or Byredo soap, even if the container was actually filled with Softsoap.

While perfume preferences come and go, many brands have achieved success by using their signature scents in candles and emphasizing home aromatherapy, rather than solely focusing on perfumes. To discover more about who is effectively implementing this strategy, be sure to request access to the Spate dashboard today.


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